Monday, November 28, 2005

Post-Turkey workout plan

Play it: Post-turkey baby workout plan

So what does a baby do the day after gorging himself on shredded turkey and mashed carrots? Crawl through lots of tunnels at Gymboree Play & Music.

There's been a wave of articles talking about the trend of kids gyms across the country. Analysts attribute it to parents' fear of child obesity, which is certainly not the reason we're hanging out at Gymboree on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Just looking for anything to tire the kid out on a day that wouldn't stop raining. That and it's incredibly fun to see the lil' monkey go at it.

45 minutes later Eli was taken to the mat hard by the nap bug. Mission accomplished.

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drake leLane said...

Post-Turkey Baby Workout Plan

* "The New Workout Plan" - Kanye West
* "Crawl" - Buffalo Tom
* "In The Gym" - Unicorn
* "Tunnel Vison" - Doug Sahm
* "Baby Workout" - George Benson