Thursday, November 03, 2005

Courtney's pharmacist needs to get paid

Play it: Nirvana Sliver - Best of the Box

For years, Courtney Love has bragged that she's been sitting on a goldmine of Cobain recordings that would eventually see the light of day, and while last year's With The Lights Out box set showed some worth with a great inside look into Cobain & co.'s ascent, this release (Sliver - Best of the Box) reeks of hucksterism. The one song here not in the With the Lights Out set is "Spank Thru (1985 Fecal Matter Demo.)" While it's an interesting nugget, complete w/ laugh-inducing vocals, it's hardly the Holy Grail that it's being presented as. It sounds merely like a song they rightfully didn't have room for on the box set and are using just to sell this new lemon.

Now if you haven't heard (or own) With the Lights Out, this should provide impetus to get it... just don't buy this one thinking it's really 'the best of the box.' It's more like 'the best we could do to get you to buy something more.'

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