Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Completeness by reduction

Play it: Nip/Tuck Ep. 3.06

So I obvs missed last week's Nip/Tuck ep, but am now caught up. Last week we heard Sufjan Steven's "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." (from the excellent album Illinois,) make an appearance during the ultra creepy removing of a corpse head scene. It took a somewhat cheesey scene and gave it some backbone. Not to be outdone on the indie-band soundtrack train, this week Broken Social Scene's "Lover's Spit" is played while Christian proposes (again) to Kimber (this time successfully.) This was the version with Feist singing on it. Of course, neither of those key tracks are in Rhapsody in any form, so we'll have to suffice with Donovan's "Season of the Witch" and Radiohead's "Everything in it's Right Place," which both appear on episode 3.06 ("Frankenlaura".)

What else is going on? Well Sean has had a mid-life crisis and left the practice, instead taking up with the FBI helping them to give new identities to witness protection programees. Anne Heche comes in wearing some weird makeup making her look weird, and it's Sean's job, I guess, to reconstruct (remove the makeup on) her face to make her look like, well... Ann Heche.

Gina's back and talks Julia into reopening revamping a hotel for profit, but Julia instead sees it as a recovery spa for plastic surgery patients. "Plastic surgery recovery spas are the wave of the future" she declares, and we only wince a tiny bit. Gina gets some good deals on the construction, by... uh... using her special sex-addict talents until Julia admonishes her for it, saying she doesn't want them to be known for using sex to get where they are. Then, when their first client claims that sperm rubbed on her face daily keeps her young, Julia decides that would make a good product, not seeing the irony in using the product of sex to get somewhere. Horrific plastic surgery example Joan Rivers makes another appearance and loves rubbing the white gold on her face so much she offers to hawk it for 'em in an infomercial. The secret ingrediant is still secret for now.

Christian, with Sean gone, is now the conscience of the practice, as Quenton has no problems taking money for services. Ben White desperately wants to be an amputee, it's a mental disorder that a few folks suffer from called "Body Integrity Identity Disorder" (check out the documentary Whole.) The patient's disturbing wish becomes a metaphor for how Christian feels about not having Sean in the practice, and then again for how Julia feels liberated w/o Sean. Maybe he really will feel better without the leg, but really... you would miss your leg, so eventually you know the leg (Sean) is coming back. But only after he sleeps with Anne Heche (will it advance her career, though?)

Stereogum's guitar tab for "John Wayne Gacy, Jr."
Full song list posted on

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drake leLane said...

Nip/Tuck Ep 3.06

* "Season Of The Witch" - Donovan
* "Everything In Its Right Place" - Radiohead

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