Tuesday, November 01, 2005

RedRob is watching

Play it: The Red Party

Our company had our annual Halloween party yesterday, and every department goes all out decorating their space. This year our floor (4th) decided to do have colors as our theme. Pick a color and find something scary about it. We chose red (Red Scare) and ended up creating a little revolution on our wing. Walls that you had to traverse to get in, fake barbed wire, propoganda, and a large projected animated illustration of Rob Glaser with moving eyes. I think Rob was a little creeped out by it all, but he congratulated us on our creativity.

I put together the music that played as you walked through to get your candy, or Red Bull & Vodka (or other 'red' drink with vodka.) From "Internationale" (the official song of the communist party) to the score to Doctor Zhivago, it all felt very moving walking through the landscape we created.

Eli showed up later (as skeleton boy) and we of course made him join the party. Note how his hat is much bigger then mine.

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drake leLane said...

The Red Army!

* "The Internationale" - Guangzhou Orchestra
* "Farewell of Slavianka" - Red Army Choir
* "O, field, my field (Polyushko-pole)" - Red Army Choir
* "Overture" - Maurice Jarre
* "We are the Red Cavalry" - Red Army Choir
* "Song of the Volunteer Army" - Zhou Weizhi
* "There, far away, beyond the river" - Red Army Choir
* "The Sacred War" - Red Army Choir
* "The Internationale" - Maurice Jarre
* "There march the soldiers" - Red Army Choir
* "In the forest by the combat-line" - Red Army Choir
* "The sun set beyond the river" - Red Army Choir
* "PLA Marching Song" - Zheng Lvcheng
* "Chorus of soldiers from the opera "Decembrists"" - Red Army Choir
* "Volga Boatmen's Song (Ey ukhnem)" - Red Army Choir
* "Troika" - Red Army Choir
* "The Cliff" - Red Army Choir
* "Hey, there's the village" - Red Army Choir
* "The Volga Burlack's Song" - Red Army Choir
* "PRC National Anthem" - Nie Er
* "Dark Eyes (Ochi chernye)" - Red Army Choir
* "The Brave Don Lads" - Red Army Choir
* "On the Road (a soldier's song)" - Red Army Choir
* "Love of the Republic" - Liu Weiguang
* "Artillery March" - The People's Liberation Army Orchestra
* "Moscow Nights" - Red Army Choir
* "March on a Russian Theme. Op.76" - Alexander Glazunov
* "The Internationale" - The New Singers
* "Evening Bells - Moscow Station" - Maurice Jarre
* "Celebration March" - The People's Liberation Army Orchestra