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2005's Best - EPs

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You know... as I toiled in compiling my best albums of the year list (through much sickness, I might add, but it's all for you fair reader!) I ran across a lot of recordings that I loved - but, for a few technical reasons, didn't make the cut. These next couple lists will demonstrate some of that thought process. First, is one of my favorite formats for releases - the EP.

Starting it off are two from Iron & Wine... the first of which is not Rhapavailable (Iron & Wine + Calexlico - In the Reins EP.) Together, these would easily make a top 10 album, but I imagine Sam Beam will release a full length next year that will make the cut. The combo of I&W's Beam with Calexico is hopefully something that isn't a one-off affair. The backwaters of Florida are colored in with sound so of the west, and it's a thing of beauty... especially when Beam's voices is echoed perfectly by Calexico's Joey Burns.

I&W's other EP, Woman King, sounds a bit like it almost should be called Iron & Wine + Califone, as the influence and bluesy orchestration of Brian Deck (producer, drummer and member of Califone) is further ingrained into I&W's sound here in the Woman King EP.

Speaking of bluesy, The Greenhornes managed to keep their garage-blues sound working with power-popper Brendan Benson for their East Grand Blues EP, and yet also incorporate some Byrds-like harmonies into the mix, for a positively dreamy sound.

Other notable EPs include a couple from Antony & the Johnsons (essentially, extended singles,) Grandaddy, The Long Winters and Moonbabies.

Note: My greatest fear in compiling this list is that I've forgotten some, as EP's tend to drop with little splash and there are so many that go unnoticed.
[UPDATE - Just found one I missed... Play it: Mark Lanegan and Isobell Campbell's Ramblin' Man. Worth checking out.)

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drake leLane said...

Best EPs 2005

* "Woman King" - Iron and Wine
* "Shelter of Your Arms" - The Greenhornes
* "Hope There's Someone" - Antony and the Johnsons
* "You Are My Sister" - Antony and the Johnsons
* "Pull The Curtains" - Grandaddy
* "Ultimatum" - The Long Winters
* "War On Sound" - Moonbabies