Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A couple of February's gems

Stream Album: Two Gallants what the toll tells (Saddle Creek)
Download: "Las Cruces Jail" , "Waves of Grain"
Stream Album: Belle & Sebastian The Life Pursuit (Scenestars)
Download: "Act of the Apostle" , "Another Sunny Day" (Matador)

You can listen to two great albums that will makes some best of the year lists this year (my feeling.) The first is one of my early season faves, Two Gallants what the toll tells. I profiled them and their lead track ("Las Cruces Jail") from the album late last year, and now we get the whole enchilada to enjoy. This S.F. duo is ripe for big things, and they know how to invoke the Grapes of Wrath poetry of Americana. Just listen to the 9+ minutes of "Waves of Grain" and tell me what you think. I know I've gone on record before about the abuse of a lengthy song, but this one doesn't really repeat itself, taking you from one powerful movement to the next, and building the whole way.
(what the toll tells comes out February 21st)

Second on the docket is Belle & Sebastian's highly anticipated new one, The Life Pursuit, and it's well worth the three-year wait. More diverse, a little more upbeat, and fully realized, The Life Pursuit is another album that I guarantee makes some lists. Scenestars are definitely making my blogroll after scoring this full album stream.
(The Life Pursuit comes out February 7th)

Hurry up... eat 'em while they're hot (and before the streams inevitably disappear.)

Giving thanks, making a wish (Two Gallants "Las Cruces Jail")

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