Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ben Folds' bald spot makes cameo

Play it: Love Monkey Ep. 1.02

The Teddy Geiger promotional hour continued this week. Thankfully, there are no more songs from the Sony-slave-John Mayer-wannabee who plays Wayne on the show. Instead this playlist is highlighted by tracks from The Magic Numbers and The Sleepy Jackson. (If you didn't see the episode, the tracklisting might be pretty confusing. KISS, Starship and Frankie Goes to Hollywood?) Also making cameos this week were Ben Folds and LeeAnn Rimes. Ben Folds has got my hair now... he's basically very balding and hasn't come to grips with it. Seeing it reminded me of why I keep my hair peach fuzzy. Next week we get Aimee Mann, who was last seen (in tv land) on The West Wing.

I'm still worried about the show... the concept and cast is all there, there just seems to be a schizophrenic presentation. There might be a surprising quick-did-you-catch-that-reference scene, which then would be followed by a painfully pedestrian scene. Like they're afraid of alienating their 'Crime' shows and simple comedies (ie, bread & butter.) What they're doing though, is playing in no-man's land... like a half-approach to the net in tennis... in the end, they will please no one.

Even with my complaints, I'm still taken aback by the bile that's been written in the blog world about the show. I see the hypocritical nature of the show, but really... it's network tv, fer crissakes. We're lucky to even get something worth critiquing nowadays.

Full music tracklisting here.

Does Anyone Remember Hanson? (Episode 1.01/Pilot)

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drake leLane said...

Love Monkey Ep. 1.02

* "Bette Says" - Matt Turk
* "Always Gonna Be This Way" - Juanita Brown
* "Rock And Roll All Nite" - KISS
* "Stupid Ones" - The Blueskins
* "Vampire Race Course" - The Sleepy Jackson
* "Mornings Eleven" - The Magic Numbers
* "We Built This City" - Starship
* "Relax" - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

marathonpacks said...

Everything on TV is worth critiquing!