Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hee-Haw! You're in indie country!

Play it: The Elected Sun, Sun, Sun
Video: Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins "Rise Up with Fists" (requires IE + WMP9+)

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, today (January 24th) is the first big music drop of 2006. Highlights are the obvious ones I've covered: Robert Pollard's From a Compound Eye, and Cat Power's The Greatest.

Also dropping today, is a load of country-tinged indie rock, and especially of interest is the synergous drop of Rilo Kiley-ites' albums: singer Jenny Lewis (w/ the Watson Twins) debuts her Rabbit Fur Coat, and Blake Sennett's The Elected likewise releases Sun, Sun, Sun. While Jenny Lewis is the 2005 indie hottie of the year (stereogum) it's time to give felow Rilo Kily mate (and fellow past child actor) Blake Sennett some props. The Elected's Sun, Sun, Sun is certainly a sunny pop album, full of 70's A.M. radio-friendly tunes and Beach Boys-like rich harmonies ("Not Going Home," album's highlight) but it's also filled with Country & Western meloncholy ("Old Times,) because you can't travel very far listening to said A.M. radio without getting some country. So no one thinks this is a Rilo Kiley competition, you should note that Jenny Lewis appears on the album, singing background vocals on heartbreaker "It Was Love" and writing lyrics to "Fireflies in a Steel Mill" and "The Bank and Trust." Breezy and tasty, this one is certainly easy on the ears.

While it didn't make it into Rhapsody today (on Conor Oberst's new label,) you can still hear some of Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins' Rabbit Fur Coat by heading on over to their myspace site for couple songs. I've been listening to the album for a little while now, and am still amazed at it's sparkly gospel-tinged country sound. It's gospel for the secular (God for the Godless?) Not as complete as that other female white soul album released today (Cat Power's The Greatest,) but still an excellent listen.

The first video from Rabbit Fur Coat ("Rise Up With Fists" - requires IE + WMP9+ to play) is now available from the myspace site as well, and features Sarah Silverman* helping them out spoofing Hee-Haw. Saaaaaaluuuuuute!

Other releases of note today that I'm anxious to digest are albums from Rocky Votolato (Makers,) East River Pipe (What Are You On?,) Film School (s/t), His Name is Alive (Detrola,) Gossip (Standing in the Way of Control,) Portugal. The Man (Waiter You Vultures,) and Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 (...tick...tick...tick) which are all in Rhapsody. Not in Rhapsody, and equally interesting, are albums from Bonnie Prince Billy + Tortoise (The Brave and the Bold,) and Tarkio (Omnibus.)

*In another note of synergy, Sarah Silverman's hilarious The Aristocrats comes out on DVD today as well.

*More synergy for this post! The Elected just performed in the studio on KEXP and sounded great. Rocky Votolalo did earlier this morning as well. Check the live archives soon for the performances.

Second Impressions of 2006
Cat Power The Greatest
Robert Pollard From a Compound Eye

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drake leLane said...

The Elected Sun, Sun, Sun

Clouds Parting (8:14 a.m.)
Would You Come with Me
Fireflies in a Steel Mill
Not Going Home
It Was Love
Sun, Sun, Sun
Did Me Good
The Bank and Trust
Old Times
I'll Be Your Man
Beautiful Rainbow
Biggest Star
At Home (Time Unknown)

Robert 0f The Radish said...

I am loving this new Elected. Great stuff. It's my favorite of the week so far. You know it's a good week when the new UB40 is good.

drake leLane said...

Yeah... it's nice to finally have bunch of new music to enjoy. However, of this big drop, I think only Robert Pollard's F.A.C.E. makes my 'big board' - an album I see in my top 20 by year's end.

That's under the assumption that there will be some great albums coming down the pipe, of course.