Saturday, January 28, 2006

Grandaddy RIP

Play it: Goodbye to Grandaddy

Hey... I might be packing for Mexico, but that doesn't stop me from lamenting the disbanding of the Modesto, CA group Grandaddy. Pitchfork reported it late yesterday:
"We've seen an erosion happening," Lytle said. "I use the word ‘erosion' in the most natural way I possibly can. It's not entirely such a bad thing. We have just, throughout the years, always looked at every album coming out as ‘Wow we've got another album, now what?' So that's still going on right now, it's just that it's a lot different. We're not jumping on that big rock n roll conveyor belt that happens when the album's done.

"Everybody has been set free to pursue whatever it is they want to pursue, whether it be amateur poker playing, or [becoming] veterinarians, or working in a hot dog stand."
Next time you're eating a hot dog from a bearded, trucker hat-wearing vendor, look twice, because it might be an ex-Grandaddy.

Their album Just Like the Family Cat (on V2 Records) comes out May 9, and will be their swan song, which makes me a bit weepy (I can't help it.)

The playlist above is a collection of Grandaddy songs that aren't a best of, but instead form a goodbye (tracklisting.)

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drake leLane said...

Goodbye Grandaddy

* "Pull The Curtains"
* "Yeah Is What We Had"
* "So You'll Aim Toward The Sky"
* "Goodbye?"

J Shifty said...

Oh Grandaddy, I hardly knew ye. They're one of many bands I resisted despite the prolonged, informed heedings of a friend until one song cracked my resolve. For some reason, with Grandaddy that song was MGM Grand.

From then on in, most of their canon just sat well with me. Thanks for the tip, o vacationing one.

MJAPA said...

Bummer! I had not heard this news until I read your Blog. That stinks. :-(

Jason said...

i love grandaddy and it is really sad to hear that they are done now.
they've had some good run.

drake leLane said...

Here's some of the notice on their site from drummer Aaron Burtch.

yeah, well I guess that's it.

...we'll be forever grateful to you for being friends and supporters of our dumb band. please excuse me while i limp off into the sunset.

I'm saddened that they aren't even planning a farewell tour.