Monday, February 06, 2006

Refs throw some terrible towels

Play it: Hitsburgh - The story of Rock 'n' Roll in Pittsburgh

In honor of the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, here's a homage to the rich (cough, cough) music history of Pittsburgh. While they haven't made much of a splash since the Doo-Wop era (The Del-Vikings anyone?) I do have to say, Don Caballero is pretty durn good (just not digitally available.)

First off, about the game - I never saw it, so can't really comment on it (was flying back from Puerto Vallarta - upcoming post on that.) But after hearing all the bitching and moaning in the airport layover yesterday in San Fran, I figured I needed to find what was sour grapes and what was real ref 'f*ckups'. Since I'm in no position to comment, here are some non-Hawk fans opinions from some major publications:

Steeling One: Hawks get robbed (ESPN)

Pittsburgh's one-for-the-thumb Super Bowl will be remembered as the game when physically overmatched referees and heads-buried NFL executives flipped non-Steelers fans an XL middle finger (Kansas City Star)

Stealers: How the referees handed Pittsburgh the Super Bowl (Slate)

Super Bowl Refs Steal Seahawks Show (Chicago Sports Review)

TV unveils zebras at their worst - Lousy officials simply hijacked The Big Game (Toronto Star)

Back when I used to care more about these things, I remember cheering on the Steelers against the Cowboys, so in that regard, I'm happy that if the Hawks had to lose, it'd be to Franco Harris' old team. Even if the yellow flags the ref threw were in fact 'terrible towels.'

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drake leLane said...


* "Come Go With Me" - The Del-Vikings
* "Since I Don't Have You" - The Skyliners
* "Blue Moon" - The Marcels
* "Lightnin' Strikes" - Lou Christie
* "Send Me On My Way" - Rusted Root
* "Born Too Late" - The Clarks
* "Turn Me Loose" - The Cynics
* "Turncoat" - Anti-Flag