Tuesday, January 10, 2006

There's just no staying dry

Play it: 22 Days of Rain... and counting

Today actually marks the 23rd day of rain (Forbes,) and we're quickly approaching record territory (33 days straight of rainfall, 1958.) The 10-day forecast calls for another, well... 10 days of rain (Sunday has the best chance to break the streak, currently sitting at only 10% chance of precip.)

My wife and I got married in the middle of the infamous winter of '98/'99, where we had 90 out of the 120 days of winter, a record winter that's often remembered wrongly as the winter we had 90 straight days of precipitation... it only seemed like it.

About the playlist... "Days of Rain" by Bob Mould is really hitting the spot, but the rest really work along with it somehow... The Roots, 22-20s, The Vines and Bob Mould all getting wet together.

Photo by Carolyn<3

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drake leLane said...

22 Days of Rain... and counting

* "22 Days" - 22-20's
* "Days of Rain" - Bob Mould
* "Swept Away" - The Roots
* "Rainfall" - The Vines