Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Breathe Me all over again

Play it: Sia Colour The Small One (US Release)

Available only before via import, Sia's Colour the Small One finally sees it's U.S. release today. Fueled by the popularity of the track "Breathe Me" on the series finale of Six Feet Under, Astralwerks made sure it was able to better capitalize on it's golden egg. To that end, the album features two bonus remixes of "Breathe Me" by (the nearly ubiquitous) Four Tet and Ulrich Schnauss (the single, also released today, features even another remixe by Mylo.)

Before the SFU episode, Sia was best known for her downtempo turn singing for Zero 7, and it's that experience that inspired much of this album, however, if anyone's expecting an album full of "Breathe Me"s, they'll be certainly disappointed, as that song is pretty singular in it's mystery and beauty. There are other moments of brilliance, chiefly near the end with "Numb," and "Where I Belong" while "The Church of What's Happening" delay you getting there by repeating much of what's already been heard on the album.

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