Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This scene is dead

Play it: We Are Scientists With Love And Squalor
Play it: Morningwood Morningwood

Two NYC bands' major label debuts got dropped this morning, and it unfortunately feels like they're both arriving late to a party that's both overly crowded, and, perhaps, ending very soon.

If NYC band We Are Scientists sounds like they're a bit late to the sound that already blew up a couple years ago (and is already sounding tired) it's not entirely their fault. We Are Scientists first formed in 2000 and, after some hiccups here and there trying to break through the NYC scene, they finally see their major label debut (With Love and Squalor) today. Unfortunately, it's a bit too late. While it's a solid release, it all sounds a bit played out (especially the production.) There are plenty of highlights ("This Scene Is Dead" is especially poigniant given their setting in the indie rock world,) but not enough to pull them over the heap of what we've already been exposed to (The Killers, The Bravery, Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture, etc.)

Another NYC band, Morningwood, have little to offer my ears. Their overproduced Pixies-rip-offs feel overly calculated, like they were spit out of a RIAA created indie rock machine. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun album ("Nth Degree" is especially enjoyable,) but the joy wears off quickly when you realize you've heard all of this before.

Don't be too surprised if you hear both these bands on The O.C. very soon (this week, perhaps?)

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