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Birth, marriage, death and three-ways

Play it: 2005's Best TV Soundtrack Moments

2005 is soooo over... but I can't leave it alone just yet.

There were plenty of interesting moments with television in 2005 where the music really mattered, and here are the ones that are still stuck with me.

01. "Breathe Me" Sia, Six Feet Under Ep. 63 (series finale)
Much talked about montage that ended the episode, season and series. Download sales of the track went through the roof the next day, with good reason. Absolutely beautiful, and still makes me choke back emotions when I hear it.
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02. "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." Sufjan Stevens, Nip/Tuck - Episode 3.06
A serial killer's dream sequence is juxtaposed to main character Sean working on a collection of his victims, removing the 'prized' head from the frankenstein'd body. Haunting, creepy, and a perhaps a bit too revealing... much like Stevens' song.

03. "Hide and Seek" Imogen Heap, The O.C. Ep. 2.24 (Season finale)
Song played both during Caleb's funeral and through the ending in the episode that seemed like a hail mary pass to save the 2nd season (and series.) Have yet to see that sort of inspiration this season.
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04. "Strawberry Letter 23" The Brothers Johnson, Six Feet Under Ep. 60
Nate's dying dream is of a van ride to the beach with his dad and brother, smoking pot and listening to this song. It would've been cooler if it was Shuggie Otis' version, but still a fine moment, nonetheless. (Note, also later appeared in Nip/Tuck Ep. 3.02 as well.)
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05. "Blue Light (Engineers 'Anti-Gravity' Mix)" Bloc Party, The O.C. Ep. 3.01
Trey waves goodbye from a bus window. Aside from viewer elation to see him off the show, the mood is of remorse, regret, reflection, regurgitation (what?) The remix of the Bloc Party song compliments the moody scene expertly.
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06. "Cold Wind" Arcade Fire, Six Feet Under Ep. 62
Brenda gives birth to this moody song... giving an ominous mood to a scene wrought with disasterous anticipation. Also of note for the merger of 'Funeral' related brands.
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07. "Inside & Out" Feist, Nip/Tuck Ep.01
I just had to put this three-way scene in. It could've been Slim Whitman playing in the background and it prolly would've made the list.
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08. "Make Your Own Kind of Music" Mama Cass, Lost Ep. 2.01
Lost isn't very reliant on popular music for it's 'moments' but this season, when they finally make it into the hatch, they're greeted by this Mama Cass song playing on vinyl. Also of note, this season Lost worked The Hold Steady into the plot.
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09. "Lover's Spit" Broken Social Scene (ft. Feist), Nip/Tuck Ep. 3.07
Christian proposes to Kimber to this song, giving us some more (needed) Feist.

10. "Wait (The Whisper Song)" Ying Yang Twins, Nip/Tuck Ep.03
The three-way was nice... so how about a four-way? Never as good as a threesome... gets too confusing. Nastiest song of the year... amazing what you can get away with lyrically if you make it hard to hear.
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Honorable mentions:
"Circles" Bob Mould, The O.C. Ep 3.04 - Bob allows The O.C. to edit snippets of his song, making it (almost) sound like the piece was written for the episode. (Play it)
"Love Street" The Doors, Entourage Ep 2.18 The Doors famously have refused to allow their music to be used commercially. Someone was going to get to 'em sooner or later and it was Entourage that finally did it. (Play it)

Grey's Anatomy had many moments as well, but they're all a blur... nothing sticks, so nothing here.

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drake leLane said...

Top TV Soundtrack Moments of 2005

* "Breathe Me" - Sia
* "Hide and Seek" - Imogen Heap
* "Strawberry Letter 23" - The Brothers Johnson
* "Blue Light (Engineers 'Anti-Gravity Mix)" - Bloc Party/Engineers
* "Cold Wind" - The Arcade Fire
* "Inside And Out" - Feist
* "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" - Mama Cass
* "Wait (The Whisper Song)" - Ying Yang Twins
* "Circles" - Bob Mould
* "Love Street" - The Doors