Friday, September 30, 2005

Marissa's theme by Bob Mould

Play it: The O.C. Episode 3.04
Play it: Reunion 1988

Is it just me, or is it weird to find a Bob Mould song permeating throughout an episode of the O.C.? Nearly every dramatic moment for Marissa Coop this episode was backed by a looped opening keyboard sequence from the Bob song "Circles." I suppose it's not that strange when you consider Bob took time off from music recently to write some professional wrestling scripts (what, pro wrestling is scripted? My childhood is ruined!)

Also of note this week is to hear the dichotomy of school dances. Marissa's at public school now and they were dancing to the earthy M.I.A., while at her old private school, Summer and Seth commiserate to the sounds of the glossy Infusion. There was also yet again another cover, this time by The O.C.-friendly Youth Group, doing a too faithful version of Alphaville's "Forever Young." Come on... mess that sh*t up, man.

So back to Marissa... she's been through it all. She's OD'd, she's been nearly raped, she's been up on attempted manslaughter charges, and now she's faced with her biggest challenge: Public High School. Please... Orange County has the safest schools in SoCal. There is this mean girl that makes fun of her and makes her cry (boo-hoo, poor Marissa,) but she's made some friends as well, with bizarro world versions of Summer, Ryan and Seth. The real Ryan, however, is already jealous of his bizarro, naturally, because that's what Chino boys do, right? Get jealous. Speaking of one-dimensionality, S&S again face their evil nemisiseseseseses Taylor and Dean Discipline, who Summer finds out (long after everyone else watching) that they're swapping bodily fluids. Everybody's already fast-forwarded to the time when S&S catch them w/ their pants down and their espunged from the show.

Kristen's evil nemesis, grifter Charlotte (Jeri Ryan) is back and crestfallen to find Kristen's not really that rich. Rest-assured, she'll find a way to stay on the show awhile longer with some villainous plan.

My favorite scene of the night, though, is Julie Coop crying in her thousand dollar Louis Vuitton keep-all bag, after getting booted from Caleb's broke-ass mansion. Life is like, so hard.

Speaking of life being, like, so hard, this week's Reunion sucked like no other. It's getting so bad it's not even worth making fun of anymore. A bit of good news, though... the MLB playoffs will force it (and The O.C., and nearly every FOX show) on hiatus until November. I think it will be on permanent vacation here.

Full O.C. music tracklisting with scene descriptions here.

In the aeroplane over the O.C. (Episode 3.03)
Lions and Tigers and Blondes, Oh my (Episode 3.02)
The Blow-C is back in the hizza (Episode 3.01)
The hole that follows Blow-C (Reunion pilot episode)

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drake leLane said...

The O.C. - Episode 3.04

* "Circles" - Bob Mould
* "Fire, Fire" - M.I.A.
* "Natural (Radio Edit Long)" - Infusion
* "Triumphant" - Royksopp

drake leLane said...

Reunion 1988

* "If You Leave" - Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark (OMD)
* "Heaven" - Bryan Adams
* "One More Try" - George Michael

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