Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm so busy... playing god

Play it: Stylus Plays God - Ryan Adams 2005

I've been stupid busy since I got back from vacacciones (haven't even had the chance to start my 'what I did on my vacation' post yet!) so forgive the beg/borrow/steal today.

Stylus has a feature I've been meaning to mine for some time, but always had better (well, more interesting to me) things to playlist/write/post/etc. about. Well... I'm too busy to complete any of the complicated playlist/posts I have scheduled, so I'll table them for now, and instead pick on Ryan Adams, via Stylus' Playing God feature.

The gist of it is, they create an album/list that is how they think it should've been, or should be. In 2005, Ryan Adams released a Robert Pollard-like* amount of music on the unsuspecting public, and thankfully, Stylus took the time to sort it all out, whittling the three albums (+ soundtrack contributions) down to one, easier to digest, 12-song album. This week, Rhapsody added Elizabethtown - Music From The Motion Picture - Vol. 2, finishing the dream album, and I highly recommend it over any album he released (especially the Dead-ish Cold Roses, and that clunker 29.)

*Oddly enough, 2005 saw the fewest amount of music released from Pollard since he started his release-mania, back in '93.

Stylus' 'Playing God' archive for 2005

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drake leLane said...

Stylus Plays God - Ryan Adams's 2005

* "A Kiss Before I Go" - Jacksonville City Nights
* "Sweet Illusions" - Cold Roses
* "Let It Ride" - Cold Roses
* "Words" - Elizabethtown - Music From The Motion Picture - Vol. 2
* "Night Birds" - 29
* "Hard Way To Fall" - Jacksonville City Nights
* "When Will You Come Back Home" - Cold Roses
* "My Heart Is Broken" - Jacksonville City Nights
* "The Hardest Part" - Jacksonville City Nights
* "Dance All Night" - Cold Roses
* "Magnolia Mountain" - Cold Roses
* "The End" - Jacksonville City Nights