Friday, February 10, 2006

Mucha Lucha Libre!

Play it: Viaje de Puerto Vallarta
Video: Nacho Libre Trailer
Download: "Mucha Lucha" by Chicos de Barrio
Play it: Mucha Lucha (Soundtrack selections)

I just got back from Puerto Vallarta, and I've got Lucha Libre fever! I didn't actually witness any while I was there, but saw plenty of the Lucha masks for sale (and I did buy my son a Mucha Lucha hat.) One of the reasons I didn't buy a mask, is on my way home from my half-bro's wedding (at the beautiful Quinta Maria Cortez B&B,) I lost my wallet in the cab (not, as legend has it, in El Segundo.) And since my wife left her wallet at home, we were in a pickle. Thankfully, my newly discovered family was able to come to our rescue... I guess borrowing money really makes us family now.

Back to the hook of the post, Lucha Libre is loosely translated as 'freestyle wrestling' and in Mexico has a rich tradition involving masks and signature moves. The wrestlers are called "luchadores" (or singularly, a "luchador",) and are commonly divided in two groups - the rudos (bad guys) and the t├ęcnicos (good guys.) There's a couple federations in Mexico (the AAA, and the CMLL,) but have found popular offshoot shows in the US as well, specifically Lucha Va Voom (who has an annual Valentine's 3-Day Show coming up this week in LA.)

When I got back earlier this week, one of the first things I noticed forwarded to me via email, was the trailer for the new movie Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black. Directed by Jared and Jerusha Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) and written by Mike White (School of Rock, Orange County, Jack Black's next door neighbor) and that's pretty much all you need to know to want to watch. It's about time someone capitalized on the Lucha Libre phenomenon, and I'm glad it's this triumvirant (Hess, White, Black) that's doing it (and not Ben Stiller, for instance.) (Play video trailer.)

But it's been ripe for some time, even a kid's cartoon has made a go of it. Mucha Lucha started in 2002, and it became an international hit (it's getting huge in Mexico, and it's even in Gaelic now.) I've got the DVD of the first six seasons on hold for me at the library, so I'm stoked for that.

Download: "Mucha Lucha" theme song by Chicos de Barrio
Play: Mucha Lucha soundtrack selections from the cartoon

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drake leLane said...

Viaje de Puerto Vallarta

* "Puerto Vallarta" - 101 Strings
* "La Playa" - Los Lobos
* "Pacifico" - Ugly Casanova
* "Matrimonio Feliz" - Tito Rodriguez
* "Mucho Tequila" - Ursula 1000
* "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo" - A Tribe Called Quest
* "Sunshine Barato" - Mosquitos

drake leLane said...

Mucha Lucha! (select songs from soundtrack)

* "Desde Brazil" - Cafe Quijano
* "Besela Ya" - Bacilos

bj said...

just got back from puerto vallarta and caught an (apparently) very rare lucha night at the bullfighting ring. that was feb 8/07. there was some lucha in toronto two years ago and we catch a lot on tv. was a treat to catch it live. great crowd. big family night out. up and comer mystico was on the bill. could be wwe-bound, though they'll hold his size against him. would be a nice fit with nwa-tna. picked up a buncha lucha masks as well. will load pix soon as they're ready.

drake leLane said...

thanks bj... be sure and report back when you've got the pics primed and ready for viewing.