Monday, February 20, 2006

Two days short tomorrow

Play it: Two Gallants The Throes

Tomorrow sees the second release from the S.F. duo, Two Gallants (What the Toll Tells) but since it's on Saddle Creek Records, I hold little hope for it being Rhapavailable (although, I have secured my copy.)

Don't get your head down, though Rhapsodoggies, as their fine 2004 debut snuck in recently, and it's far too heady and gut-wrenching to have been made by two 20 year-olds, but alas, these prodigies done did it. The Throes kicks like The Pogues funneled through The Grapes of Wrath, but still rockin' West Coast... and all just good old guitar and drums.

It's little wonder the Steinbeck lyrical nature is making a comeback, as during the 30's, the working class was ravaged by floods, drought, massive layoffs and mismanagement by our government, which sounds kind of familiar now. Something to think about as this President's Day winds down.

Two Gallants' What the Toll Tells streamed
"Las Cruces Jail" Single and Two Gallants profile

Pitchfork gave The Throes an 8.5 last year.

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