Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Channeling the Dan

Play it: "Arbuckle's Swan Song" Ambulance Ltd (preview track)
Play it: "Security Joan" Donald Fagen (preview track)

I've been listening to some more of this week's releases and noticed Ambulance Ltd's second track off of their New English EP sounds like it could be a bonus track on the new Donald Fagen album, Morph the Cat.

Is it just me?

The soft-rock song is written and sung by bassist Matthew Dublin... hopefully he'll write more, as it's a nice change of pace from Marcus Congleton's indie rock hooks.

And since I mentioned Fagen, the new album's growing on me a lot. I was a serious Danfan, and Nightfly still is a fave, so it's a nice welcome return to that form. It doesn't surprise or take too many chances, but the lyrics are full all sorts of great post-9/11 paranoia. And he has a bit of fun with it as well, like his airport security love interest in "Security Joan"
Well you won't find my name on your list
Honey you know I ain't no terrorist
Confiscate my shoes, my cellphone
You know I love your perfume,
Security Joan

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