Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No more monkeys jumping off the bed

Play it: Gil Mantera's Party Dream Bloodsongs
Stream three songs from Bloodsongs

I've been stupid busy today, but I just had to squeeze into my schedule time to pass this nugget on to you.

GMPD's Bloodsongs has actually been Rhapavailable for at least a week, but the album drops today, and since they're practically kicking off the SXSW tomorrow in Austin (playing 1:15 PM @ Emo's inside,) it's only appropriate to give 'em some love - and really, if you don't give 'em love, these Youngstown Ohioans will just slip you a mickey and take it from you, anyway.

The Brothers Mantera (Gil on keyboards, programming, vocoder; Ultimate Donny on guitars and vocals) bring an infamous live act (lighting their pubic hair on fire?) and a dance party where ever they go. Take one part Air, a little LCD Soundsystem, dance it up a bit more... then drag it through serious low-brow humor and you (nearly) have Bloodsongs. Ok, maybe we need to add some Prince, Kraftwerk, Bobby Brown and Can... or is that too much?

They're coming to Seattle in an opening slot for faves Serena Maneesh and Art Brut, and I'm having a hard time talking anyone into going here. You believe that?

"No more monkeys jumping off the bed" - not only a line from one of my son's favorite books, but also lyric from Bloodsongs' closer "Emotion Road".

SXSW's ridiculous schedule

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