Thursday, March 09, 2006

What's the 'L' stand for again?

Play it: The L Word Season 1

So my wife just added Showtime to our satellite programming mix, which adds several interesting original series into the mix. Weeds, Huff, Sleeper Cell and The L Word all have sounded intrigueing. I tried watching Queer as Folk when my wife brought home the Season DVD's from the public library, but I just couldn't get into it.

You might think The L Word appeals to me because of the lesbian factor, but that's not truly the real reason. One of cast members is Laurel Holloman, whom I made the acquaintance of here in Seattle when she was working on the film Prefontaine (in which I played a minor role - see the blurred runner mid-background.) They also have a great soundtrack to their episodes, which is right up my alley. Here's a playlist of The L Word's first season. Season 3's album soundtrack release just happened just came out as well, which gives you an idea of where they've gone in the past two seasons. Sleater-Kinney played on an episode a couple weeks ago, which made the blog circuit.

Of course, with the addition of Showtime, we had to get rid of Skinemax. Sigh.

Episode-by-episode track information

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drake leLane said...

The L Word Season 1

* "The Pleasure Song" - Marianne Faithfull
* "Chocolate Cake" - Paloma
* "If I Had A Reason" - Paloma
* "Havana Disco Nap" - Paloma
* "Moon Burn" - Moka Only
* "Better Days - (featuring Moka Only)" - Sweatshop Union
* "lady love" - Joystick
* "gold n' green" - Joystick
* "Cannonball (Radio Remix)" - Damien Rice
* "Allegro vivace: Stupenda vittoria!" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
* "Blunt" - Wild Strawberries
* "Syrupsniph" - Flunk
* "Karaoke - Baby Got Back" - Various Artists
* "Chameleon" - Transientworld
* "Vintage Chemicals" - Transientworld
* "Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)" - Ella Fitzgerald
* "revolution" - FNDMNTL
* "slowly" - Joystick
* "Right In Time" - Lucinda Williams
* "Last Night" - Paloma
* "Microphone" - Transientworld
* "In My Secret Life" - Leonard Cohen
* "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" - Connie Francis
* "People Aint' No Good" - Nick Cave
* "butter groove" - FNDMNTL
* "ooo boy" - Joystick
* "See Through You" - Flunk
* "In Spite Of All The Damage" - The Be Good Tanyas
* "Love Can't Wait" - Moka Only
* "Chameleon" - Transientworld
* "Those Three Days" - Lucinda Williams
* "Crimson and Clover" - Tommy James and the Shondells
* "love is my middle name" - Joystick
* "Flutter" - Bonobo
* "Camel Toe" - Stink Mitt
* "Foolish Love" - Rufus Wainwright
* "True Soul" - Kia Kadiri
* "goodtimes" - Joystick
* "Flower" - Liz Phair
* "Cancion de la Paloma" - Paloma
* "Hallelujah" - Jeff Buckley
* "Closer To Fine" - Indigo Girls
* "Doughnut Shop" - Paloma
* "The Weakness In Me" - Joan Armatrading
* "Frances And Her Friends" - Frances Faye
* "Abierto" - Tommy Guerrero
* "Havana Disco Nap" - Paloma
* "Genius" - The Murmurs
* "Always Crawl" - Radiogram
* "Roads" - Portishead
* "Oooh Ma" - Paloma
* "Vivian" - Edison Woods
* "I'm Your Man" - Leonard Cohen
* "In The Sun" - Joseph Arthur

MJAPA said...

I love the L word. I can't wait till I get my hands on season 3. I have been watching it via DVD. I was introduced to Joseph Arthur because of it and he is my favorite now! :-)

drake leLane said...

I love Joseph Arthur... especially "In the Sun" (used to close out the first season.)

Coldplay & Michael Stipe recently covered that Arthur song and it (naturally) first appeared on a television soundtrack (Grey's Anatomy, ep. 16.)