Friday, April 14, 2006

Everything IS possible!

Play it: Os Mutantes Everything is Possible (Best of)


I mentioned a few weeks ago that Os Mutantes was reuniting for a show in London, and lamnenting that I'd be there at the wrong time. Well, now they've just been added to the Pitchfork Music Lineup, and now I have to figure out how to get to the windy city (on Sunday, July 30th) to get my tropicalia on.

My assumption is that, like the London show, Rita Lee is out, while the brothers Baptista and drummer Dinho are in. If you had any inclination to go prior, now's the time to buy a ticket, holmes, 'cause it's furreal! Hopefully both shows go well and they decide to play more dates (ya hear me Bumbershoot folks at One Reel?)

UPDATE - I've just received word (not yet announced) that they're playing July 26th at the Moore Theater here in Seattle!

What Kurt Cobain couldn't do (Os Mutantes reunite, Tecnicolor album review)

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drake leLane said...

Tom Zé Estudando o Pagode

1. Ave Dor Maria
2. Estupido Rapaz
3. Proposta De Amor
4. Quero Pensar (A Muhler De 5. Muhler Navio Negreiro
6. Pagode-Enredo Dos Tempos Do Medo
7. Cancao De Nora (Casa De Bonecas)
8. O Amor E Um Rock
9. Duas Opinioes
10. Elaeu
11. Vibracao Da Carne
12. Para La Do Para
13. Prazer Carnal
14. Teatro (Dom Quixote)
15. A Volta Do Trem Das Onze (8.5 Milhoes De km2)
16. Beatles A Granel

drake leLane said...

Tom Zé Estudando O Samba (1975)

1. Mã
2. A Felicidade
3. Toc
4. Tô
5. Vai (Menina Amanhã De Manhã)
6. Ui! (Você Inventa)
7. Doi
8. Mãe (Mãe Solteria)*
9. Hein
10. Só (Solidão)
11. Se*
12. Índice*

*not currently in Rhapsody