Monday, April 17, 2006

Vito is a come-from-behind kind of guy

Play it: The Sopranos Ep. 6.06

As always, spoiler alert.... Vito is pushed out the closet and ends up running away to New Hampshire, where you "live free or die." The latter is expected when homophobia is sliced and served like italian sausage at the butcher shop (NJ mob's business home front,) with some (unfortunately) funny digs at Vito's sexuality and some even funnier unintentional slips (like the title of this post.) Tony, still holding desperately to his 'everyday is a gift' mantra, believes in Vito and fights the others over whether or not he should be wacked ("It's 2006.... there's pillow-biters in the Special Forces.") It looks like a losing battle, but I hope Vito lives to become the Antiques salesmen that the foreshadowning suggests. One interesting bit of knowledge I gleamed this week was that the actor who plays Vito, Joe Gannascoli, is actually a chef who turned to acting later in life. He owns a line of pastas, wine and spices and has a novel called A Meal to Die For, which is crime fiction based on his life as chef turned 'food fence' for the mob turned actor.

Musically, The Subways make the biggest leap here from debuting on The O.C. to getting a little feature time on HBO's finest. Patsy Cline's "Let The Teardrops Fall" is used wisely and we even get some Chemical Bros. love. But, as usual, it's the closing credits that usually take the cake, and in this case it's X with their "4th of July."

(Hand still hurting, so this one is short.)

Don't you know who I thought I was? (Ep. 6.04)
The righteous cut [while conscious] (Ep. 6.03)
He Marvin Gayed his own nephew! (Ep. 6.02)
Who shot Artie Shaw? (Ep. 6.01)

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drake leLane said...

The Sopranos Ep. 6.06

1 "Rock & Roll Queen" - The Subways
2 "Let The Teardrops Fall" - Patsy Cline
3 "Argentine Trio" - David Grisman
4 "Loops Of Fury" - The Chemical Brothers
5 "4th Of July" - X