Friday, November 18, 2005

Don't know karate, but I know crazy

Play it: The O.C. ep 3.07
Play it: Reunion 1991

Rogue Wave makes another appearance this week, this time from their 10:1 EP ("Interruptions") and we have our first Peach I mean Bait Shop performance, this time from the made for O.C. band The Subways. If this band becomes big, we'll know it's The O.C. as their recorded debut is on The O.C. soundtrack, and their first TV appearance is on the show, before they even have an album (notice their debut single even has an O.C. button on it.)

In plot news, the big fight that's been promoted never happens. More fisticuffs are occuring in the latest House promos then this episode (House, inevitably, gets punched by a patient's loved one.) The new villain (Volchok - sounds like a Harry Potter villain) won't leave Ryan alone and Kid Chino (Ryan's fighting alter-ego) desperately wants to come out and play, but another strike and he's out of school again. So after Marissa practically asks to be abducted, Ryan decides to play chicken, daring Volchok to enter a fight to the death complete with Chino weapons of choice (broken bottle, driftwood.)

Meanwhile our other villains, Charlotte (Jeri Ryan) and Taylor are cast out and converted. Charlotte by Julie Coop ("there's only room for one manipulative bitch in this town") and Taylor by Seth's kindness. It's truly as hoky as it sounds.

Reunion continues on it's badly-written spiral. The best part this week was seeing all the surviving friends in their bad makeup - all together. I burst out laughing (and then busted gut again when I saw Michael St. Patrick made up to look like he's 22 in a promo for next week's ep. The makeup on this show should get a comedy award. But I have to say the music scored this week... actually reminded me of the year for once (1991, my last year of college,) with REM, Jesus Jones, EMF and James.

Full O.C. music tracklisting with scene descriptions here.
"I don't know karate, but I know cah-razy!"

Surfing a Rogue Wave (Ep. 3.06)
Ryan Atwood, Fluffer (Ep. 3.05)
Marissa's theme by Bob Mould (Episode 3.04)
In the aeroplane over the O.C. (Episode 3.03)
Lions and Tigers and Blondes, Oh my (Episode 3.02)
The Blow-C is back in the hizza (Episode 3.01)
The hole that follows Blow-C (Reunion pilot episode)

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drake leLane said...

The O.C. Ep. 3.07

* "Interruptions" - Rogue Wave
* "Rock & Roll Queen" - The Subways
* "I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say" - The Subways

drake leLane said...

Reunion 1991

* "Losing My Religion" - R.E.M.
* "Right Here, Right Now" - Jesus Jones
* "Unbelievable" - EMF
* "Top Of The World" - James

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