Monday, November 21, 2005

Things to be thankful for (this Fall)

Play it: The Fall Fall Heads Roll
Play it: Covers of The Move

Hey, it's Thanksgiving week... let's all be thankful for small things. One small thing I'm thankful for this week is the new Fall album (Fall Heads Roll,) which is another in a long list of great bands from the 80's returning to form with releases this year. Aside from many of the tracks being misnamed in Rhapsody [UPDATE - I've been assured it's now fixed and will appear as such 11/23/2005] it's nice to see it make it in time for year-end lists.

It also has a great cover of "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" from the criminally overlooked late-60's UK band The Move. I've been desperately waiting for someone to step up and release some of The Move here in the states for some time, and finally gave in earlier this year and coughed up the dough for an import-only collection ( Hits, The Singles A's & B's & Rarities, which I highly recommend... is only missing one song that I'd want on it, Jeff Lynne's "Message from the Country.") Several bands over the years have paid homage to the temple of The Move. Cheap Trick were the first US band to trumpet them with "California Man," and then Jeff Lynne covered himself with his band ELO (re-working "Do Ya," which is now featured in a couple television commercials.) Bay area power-poppers Jellyfish made a habit of covering the Move, and incorporated much of their sound. Since that time, there hasn't been a lot of momentum here in the US for any of their recordings, and unfortunately, I doubt having The Fall cover them will change anything, so they shall remain on my wishlist (for both US release and Rhapsody) indefinitely.

I suppose either a death (Roy Wood or Jeff Lynne, God forbid,) or better yet, a reunion, might facilitate a US release. Wood's still a bit of a kook, but I hold out hope that maybe they can reunite for some benefit... call me crazy, but I'd rather see that then (recent reunions) Pink Floyd or Cream anyday.

UPDATE: thanks to a tip from Greg S., here's a hard to find Cheap Trick cover of The Move's "Brontosaurus" (WMP.)

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drake leLane said...

The Fall Fall Heads Roll

note... several tracks are named wrong in Rhapsody, but the songs are in order. Here is the correct tracklisting:

01 Ride Away
02 Pacifying Joint
03 What About Us?
04 Midnight Aspen
05 Assume
06 Midnight Aspen Reprise
07 Blindness
08 I Can Hear the Grass Grow
09 Bo Demmick
10 Youwanner
11 Clasp Hands
12 Early Days of Channel F├╝hrer 3:48
13 Breaking the Rules
14 Trust in Me

drake leLane said...

Covers of The Move

* "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" - The Fall
* "Message From the Country" - The Balls Of France
* "California Man" - Cheap Trick
* "Do Ya" - Jason Falkner
* "I Can Hear The Grass Grow" - Grip Weeds

Greg S said...

Cheap Trick also covered "Brontosaurus" in 1997. Not sure if you have it in Rhapsody...but you can hear it here:

drake leLane said...

Hey, thanks Greg...

Yeah, Rhapsody has neither the album nor the limited edition ep that the cover appeared on.

There have actually been a lot of covers of The Move since Jellyfish (Gripweeds, Jeff Lynne Tribute Album, etc.) but nothing on a major label (or significant indie) release, unfortunately.

I don't know why Cheap Trick chose to release the song on an EP no one would hear... the track is as good (or better) then anything on the 1997 album.

Unfortunately, this track will likely only see the light of day if they continue recording long enough to warrant another box set, or perhaps a b-sides & oddities collection.

drake leLane said...

UPDATE - I've been assured that the track naming for Fall Heads Roll has been fixed and will appear as such beginning 11/23/2005.