Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Repackaging for the holidays

Play it: Death From Above 1979 Romance Bloody Romance
Download: Death From Above "Better Off Dead (La Peste cover)"
Download: La Peste "Beter Off Dead" (both via Stereogum)

So, the holiday season is upon us, which usually means a black period for releases. This year there's a lot of repackaging going on just in time for the holiday season. Take Death From Above 1979's Romance Bloody Romance remix album. Unlike Bloc Party's Silent Alarm Remixed (on which DFA appear covering the track "Luno") DFA 1979's remix project takes just a few songs from their prior release (Your a Woman, I'm a Machine) and leave it in other's hands to 'have a go' at it. Add to that the added bonus of DFA covering La Peste's "Better Off Dead" and you have something of interest here. The two singles from YaW,IaM ("Romantic Rights" and "Black History Month") have four versions each, so on one hand you get a taste of interpretation, and on the other, bored by hearing essentially the same song over and over. The one rocker given the task, Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age, who also have a repackaged release today, a live album entitled Over the Years and Throught the Woods) adds a layer of ambience to "Black History Month," which is a bit ironic, as it's not felt elsewhere by more experienced DJ's mixes. Alternatively, the Justice remix of "Blood on Our Hands" sounds crazily frenetic, like a video game or something. All in all, the project doesn't have the flow of Bloc Party's prior remix, and really would've worked much better as an EP, or single w/ remixes.

There's more remixes then just this, though, this season... Interpol today released their own remix of Antics (an EP, not nearly as ambitious,) and Britney Spears asks you ("come on y'all!") to contribute to baby Sean Preston's college fund with her remix album (B In The Mix, The Remixes.) Next week we'll see Beck's remix of Guero (Guerolito, due to hit the shelves December 13th, just in time for most corporate holiday parties - too late for mine, though.)

Remix of a previous blog entry (Bloc Party's Silent Alarm Remixed)

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