Friday, November 11, 2005

Surfing a Rogue Wave

Play it: The O.C. Ep. 3.06
Play it: Reunion 1990
Play it: Peter Gallagher Seven Days in Memphis

This week's soundtrack nugget is "Publish My Love" from Rogue Wave, from the excellent Descended Like Vultures release (and the newly released O.C. Mix 5.) It would've been a hell of a lot better used to show some surfing, but they didn't show any surfing... just actors on the beach acting like they just got done surfing. Also got some delicious Ladytron at a Bizarro Seth's (Chilli's) house party (Dawn Patrol party.)

This Bizarro world O.C. thing is basically done now, I guess. Johnny=Ryan, Chilli=Seth, Casey=Summer... where instead of comic books there are surf boards. Oh and let's not forget Marissa=pathetic Marissa ... but Casey just got caught in bed with someone else (a new villain... just in time, we were short one,) so I'm assuming that one's out. She did it to pre-empt the Johnny-Marissa collision (in progress) so most won't blame her - but instead, how 'bout speakin' up girl, and fightin' for you man? A little cat fight would've been nice.

But hey, let's just get the Marissa-Ryan breakup over with and be done with it. If the girl can't deal w/ getting a cold shoulder after a 4AM call ("I had a bad dream," sob bob,) then she's obvs in need of her own wake-up call. But Johnny listens to her... well of course he does! The cute damsel in distress bit always hooks the Johnnys (and the Ryans) but it wears off after awhile (one would assume, right Ryan?) And Johnny was lying through his teeth anyway, with his attempt to align himself with Marissa's equally faux-pain.

As for the villains... Taylor's wings were clipped, but she still flaps dem like she thinks she's still gonna fly, which I suppose, makes us (and Seth) feel pity for her. But damn bird, just because you're having trouble flying don't mean you fall for the penguin (Seth.) Of course she's probably just going to try and make it look like their smitten to change Summer's season. Meanwhile Jeri Ryan's character Charlotte (or whatever her real name may be) is dragging Julie Coop into her criminal plot. I'm just anxiously anticipating Julie Coop's youngest daughter (who disappeared after season one like the elder siblings in Happy Days and That 70's Show) to return to the show soon. Apparently, she's supposed to be absolutely wicked... a chip of the Julie Coop.

And Sandy? Who cares... Peter Gallagher's got a new album out, though, stepping right into the Bruce Willis, Don Johnson circle of shame (thankfully, neither of which are Rhapavailable.)

Reunion's '1990' continues with the awful writing, and this week we find out who was killed, but do we really care? For the soundtrack, since the featured song was The Smiths' "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" and it's not Rhapavailable, I'm including the magnificent cover by Muse (done for the soundtrack to Not Another Teen Movie.)

Until next week...
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Ryan Atwood, Fluffer (Ep. 3.05)
Marissa's theme by Bob Mould (Episode 3.04)
In the aeroplane over the O.C. (Episode 3.03)
Lions and Tigers and Blondes, Oh my (Episode 3.02)
The Blow-C is back in the hizza (Episode 3.01)
The hole that follows Blow-C (Reunion pilot episode)

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drake leLane said...

The O.C. Ep. 3.06

* "Publish My Love" - Rogue Wave
* "Knocked Down" - Pennywise
* "No Rest For The Weekend" - Orange
* "Sugar" - Ladytron
* "Swagger" - Calla

drake leLane said...

Reunion 1990

* "I Remember You" - Skid Row
* "Ball And Chain" - Social Distortion
* "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" - Muse