Thursday, November 10, 2005

Through the miracle of plastic surgery

Play it: Nip/Tuck Ep. 3.08

Actress Anne Heche reverses her Nicole-Kidman-in-The Hours-prosthetic nose, with the help of Sean's plastic surgery in this week's Nip/Tuck. Slated for the Witness Protection Program, Anne Heche's character (and son) get some plastic surgery via the FBI and Sean steals them away to his house as a surrogate family.

Not that his wife would mine, since she's tango-ing ("Por Una Cabeza") with former partner Quenton (Matt's kissoff to Quenton, after reading him the rights: "Comprende esse?") It's becoming more obvious that the Troy-Costa partnership is doomed, and this should seal that deal. And when Sean discovers how difficult it is to not get involved w/ his FBI job patients, he'll snap back. It all should coincide with the discovery of who the carver is, to wrap up the season, donthca think?

After an encounter with a patient (and patient's family "Family Affair",") Christian decides (in desparation) to forge a relationship with his recently found birth mother. It, predictably, doesn't go well ("You're my son. But I can't be your mother.") Fortunately, my recent discovery went (and is going) well, but they all don't turn out that way, as finds out. His birth mom isn't ready to tell her children... but what did he expect... most children given up for adoption and/or foster care represent a bad memory, and not every mother who is found is at a place in their life to deal with it. My birth-mom never kept me a secret, and is at ease with the decision now, as best I can tell. However, I'm still a shameful secret with my birth father, who has informed me never to contact him. He was, and still is, married with five children from a historically devout Irish Catholic family (lots of priests and theologians,) and has no qualms about taking my existence to his grave.

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Completeness by reduction (Eps. 3.06 & 3.07)
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Nip/Tuck Ep. 3.08

* "Por Una Cabeza" - Orquesta Melao
* "Family Affair" - Sly & the Family Stone