Thursday, November 17, 2005

Saving face

Play it: Nip/Tuck ep. 3.09
Play it: Nip/Tuck Season 2

Here it is Thursday night and I'm just getting to this week's Nip/Tuck... the songs are getting harder to track down. This episode's soundtrack utilizes minimalist/avant-garde composer Steve Reich, whose cannon of work is rich and deep. He experimented heavily with phasing early in his career, and later developed a social-political commentary in his compositions. "Dolly" (used in Nip/Tuck during the first phase of a face transplant surgery) is a 7-part piece that deals with the cloning of animals (Dolly being the sheep cloned in Scottland.) The second piece "Proverb," shows Reich's shows some of influence on Ambient and Electronica, both genres which figure heavily in Nip/Tuck's soundtrack choices, and composer James Levine's incindental work done for the show.

Back to the face-transplant, the concept was recently in the news and has some ethical repercussions not unlike some that cloning does (tying it back to "Dolly," though, not nearly in the same degree.) It's enough of a draw to pull Sean back in - well, that and the fact that Quentin is wearing his cocaine habit through his sweat glands. So, as suspected/expected, Sean will be back in and Quentin will be gone... but not before some fireworks from the ex-partner/ex-wife hookup revelation to come. Quentin's shallowness has made Christian the moral one (never thought you'd see that,) and he now is taking it home to the porn-biz fiance w/ an ultimatum - me or the porn biz, baby. We can see already that Kimber's biz has her confidant enough to call that bluff... and if it isn't, so be it. I guess this season is really about lionizing the ladies, as Julia and Gina march on with their new biz venture.

Here Sean was ready to go Witless-Protection for Anne Heche until he found out what it really meant (how could he not know, being a hired-hand for the process?) Giving up contact with his family (and acid-burning the fingerprints off his hands) were enough to turn him off the whole thing. It was just a big-toe dip, anyway, right?

You'll notice I also included all of Season 2's soundtrack, and likewise, here's Season 1 in tandem:
Nip/Tuck Season 1
Nip/Tuck Season 2

Full song list posted on (eventually compiled by Avalon)

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drake leLane said...

Nip/Tuck episode 3.09

* "As The Rush Comes - (Gabriel & Dresden sweeping strings radio edit)" - Motorcycle
* "Dolly: Dolly" - Steve Reich
* "Proverb" - Steve Reich

drake leLane said...

Nip/Tuck Season 2

* "So Nice (Summer Samba)" - Bebel Gilberto
* "I Wish" - Stevie Wonder
* "Eyes Without A Face" - Billy Idol
* "Justine (Chase)" - Brookville
* "Last Tango In Paris" - Gotan Project
* "Lovergirl" - Teena Marie
* "Vibrate" - Rufus Wainwright
* "The Trout" - Franz Schubert
* "Just Let Go" - Fischerspooner
* "Body Language" - Queen
* "Falling (G1)" - Chris Coco
* "Let's Get It On" - Marvin Gaye
* "More Than This" - Roxy Music
* "Angels" - Wax Poetic (feat. Norah Jones)
* "Baby" - Koop
* "Cosmopolitans" - Erin McKeown
* "Mother's Little Helper" - The Rolling Stones
* "Moonlight Sonata" - Ludwig van Beethoven
* "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" - Diana Ross and the Supremes
* "I'll Find a Way" - Rachael Yamagata
* "Answer" - Sarah McLachlan
* "Lies" - The Thompson Twins
* "Una Musica Brutal" - Gotan Project
* "Milkshake" - Kelis
* "Filthy/Gorgeous" - Scissor Sisters
* "Volare" - Dean Martin
* "Ocean Beat" - Tosca
* "Hayling" - FC/Kahuna
* "Skin Trade (Radio Cut)" - Duran Duran
* "Sympathy For The Devil" - The Rolling Stones
* "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" - Blue Oyster Cult
* "Lakme: Flower Duet" - Leo Delibes
* "Deacon Blues" - Steely Dan
* "Can We Still Be Friends" - Todd Rundgren
* "A Boy Named Sue" - Johnny Cash
* "Machine Says Yes" - FC/Kahuna
* "I'll Be Seeing You" - Rickie Lee Jones
* "Just Be Me" - Kirsty Hawkshaw
* "All The Way To The Top" - Jazzupstarts
* "Natasha" - Rufus Wainwright
* "Our Lips Are Sealed" - Go Go's
* "Bright Nights" - Koop
* "Promises, Promises - (U.S. single version)" - Naked Eyes
* "Haven't Got Time For The Pain" - Carly Simon
* "You're So Vain" - Carly Simon
* "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - The Rolling Stones
* "Everybody Got Their Something" - Nikka Costa
* "Back To Life" - Soul II Soul
* "Key West" - Village People
* "Goodbye Stranger" - Supertramp
* "Love Will Keep Us Together" - Captain & Tennille
* "Got To Be Love " - Greyboy (with DJ Quantic/Sharon Jones)
* "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" - Neil Sedaka
* "You In My Hut Now" - Jungle Brothers
* "Concerto de Aranjuez (Adagio)" - Joaquin Rodrigo
* "Cars" - Gary Numan
* "Epoca" - Gotan Project
* "Queremos Paz" - Gotan Project
* "Wild Horses" - The Rolling Stones
* "All I Know" - Art Garfunkel