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RIP: The Go-Betweens' Grant McLennan

Play it: The Go-Betweens' Grant McLennan

Grant McLennan, co-leader of Australia's legendary the Go-Betweens, died Saturday, May 6, at his home in Brisbane at the age of 48.

McLennan and Go-Betweens co-founder Robert Forster were one of the finest songwriting team of the 1980s. McLennan's "Cattle and Cane" was recently named one of the 10 greatest Australian songs of all time by the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA). When they broke-up in 1989, they were already considered one of the greatest bands in Australia, and achieved cult status here in the states. McLennan went on to release some solo albums through the 90's, but it seemed inevitable that he and Forster would get back together and did so in 2000 with The Friends of Rachel Worth (backed by Sleater-Kinney.)

The Go-Betweens recently were just realizing a resurgence, with their 2005 album Oceans Apart making winning all sorts of accolades, along with their recent live album/DVD That Striped Sunlight Sound (2006.)

The APRA's touching tribute to McLennan

thus spake drake's Top Albums of 2005

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drake leLane said...

The Go-Betweens' Grant McLennan

* "Cattle And Cane" - Before Hollywood
* "Dusty In Here" - Before Hollywood
* "In The Core Of A Flame" - Liberty Belle And the Black Diamond Express
* "Right Here" - Tallulah
* "Love Goes On!" - 16 Lovers Lane
* "Streets Of Your Town" - 16 Lovers Lane
* "No Reason To Cry" - Oceans Apart
* "Finding You" - Oceans Apart
* "Black Mule" - That Striped Sunlight Sound (live - originally on McLennan's solo album Watershed)

audiosports said...

2 live Go betweens .mp3s