Monday, May 08, 2006

Does it have to be a pair of socks?

Play it: The Sopranos Ep. 6.09

This week we not only find out that Christopher has a girlfriend, but also that she's pregnant. Where has she been this whole season, anyway? Being an upstanding Catholic (albeit a violent, swearing, misogynistic, junkie Catholic,) Christopher offers to make her an honest woman, but it's obvious that it's because of the dearly departed Adriana that he's doing it. After he and Tony steal some wine off of thieves (and Tony gets Chris' AA-ass drunk on the spoils) we're treated to a little flashback of when Christopher confesses to Tony that Adriana's Fed-flipped. Later, we find out Adriana's mom (and the Feds) are convinced Christopher knocked her off. Between this and the horse that Chris partakes in (marriage suits him well,) it looks like we can add Chris to the 'who gets wacked next' list. Top of the list is Vito, who makes no appearance this week, while second belongs to Paulie, who's not only been lining his pockets outside the lines, but also probably has prostate cancer.

But back to Chris and the horse, the scene where he relapses (again) is backed beautifully by Fred Neil's "The Dolphins." Hearing this (and realizing it's not in digitally available, as of yet) I had go back and listen to the amazing (and recent reissue of) Bleecker & MacDougal (1965.) Neither "The Dolphins" nor "Everybody's Talkin' At Me" is on it, but it's Neil at his best nonetheless. Besides Neil, the rest of this week's soundtrack is very drug-friendly indeed. "All Right Now" by Free, "Midnight Rider" by Buddy Miles and "Pipeline" by Johnny Thunders all go well with a big fatty.

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drake leLane said...

The Sopranos - Ep. 6.09

"All Right Now" - Free
"Midnight Rider" - Buddy Miles
"The Dolphins" - Fred Neil*
"Pipeline" - Johnny Thunders
"Cinnabar" - Tipsy
"Red River Rock" - Johnny & The Hurricanes

*not in Rhapsody