Monday, May 15, 2006

Send the Prez to pasture

Play it: The West Wing

So last night saw the end of an era - The West Wing shut it's doors for good after 7 seasons. Some might argue it ended when Aaron Sorkin jumped ship 2002-2003, and merely just hobbled to the finish. The series certainly began suffering before it, and only this year did it make overtures to what made it great at the beginning. The series just parallelled most presidencies... there's a rocky honeymoon period, then the time when things get done (the 4 straight Emmys for best drama,) then about the 5th year, the wheels fall off.

Musically, the series has been back and forth on it's usage of songs, and looking back, it's best years, oddly enough, used a lot more music. When I heard them using "She's Lost Control" by Joy Division in the second episode of the inaugural season, I thought we had another soundtrack juggernaut, but it wasn't to be. The playlist here encompasses the whole 7 years (40 songs.) Last night had Keb' Mo' playing at the inauguration which also saw a guest appearance by Aaron Sorkin himself (in the audience, camera focused on him after the Bartletts.) The episode on the whole, wrapped up the season well, but failed to wrap up the series. Throughout the episode, the goodbyes felt rushed and barely felt. Perhaps everyone had spent their heartfelt goodbyes on fellow cast member John Spencer?

Aaron Sorkin's new series, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, had a timely preview (see video below) during the finale, and it looked like a surefire winner. It features West Wing alums Bradley Witford and Timothy Busfield, and a load of others: Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, D.L. Hughley, Steven Weber and Judd Hirsch (does this mean he dies in the finale of this week's Numb3rs, or is he just going to be very busy next year?)

Music on the West Wing, season by season

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drake leLane said...

The West Wing

* "Moment Of Weakness" - Bif Naked
* "She's Lost Control" - Joy Division
* "Happy Days Are Here Again" - Barbra Streisand
* "Ave Maria" - Franz Schubert
* "Learn To Fly" - Foo Fighters
* "Put On A Happy Face - Dick Van Dyke" - Charles Strouse & Lee Adams
* "Hallelujah" - Jeff Buckley
* "Celebration" - Kool & the Gang
* "Don't Pull Your Love (Out)" - Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
* "HMS Pinafore Medley: We Sail The Ocean Blue / Maiden Fair To See, A / I Am A Monarch Of The Sea / He Is An Englishman" - Jack Daniel's Original...
* "We Gather Together" - Cedarmont Kids
* "Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 - Prélude" - Yo-Yo Ma
* "New York Minute" - Don Henley
* "Brothers In Arms" - Dire Straits
* "For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield
* "Hanging By A Moment" - Lifehouse
* "I'm Too Sexy" - Right Said Fred
* "Cool - Mickey Calin/The Jets" - Leonard Bernstein
* "Red Red Wine" - UB40
* "Destiny" - Zero 7
* "Don't Know Why" - Norah Jones
* "Caravan" - Van Morrison
* "Moondance" - Van Morrison
* "I Don't Like Mondays" - The Boomtown Rats
* "The Wanderer" - Dion
* "One Week" - Bare Naked Ladies
* "Shed A Little Light" - James Taylor
* "The Times They Are A-Changin'" - Bob Dylan
* "House OF The Rising Sun" - The Animals
* "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm" - Dean Martin
* "Someone To Watch Over Me from Oh, Kay!" - George Gershwin
* "Rock This Town" - The Stray Cats
* "Angel" - Massive Attack
* "Sanvean (Live Version)" - Dead Can Dance
* "Dark Was The Night" - Blind Willie Johnson
* "American Pie" - Don McLean
* "Stay (LP Version)" - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
* "Indra" - Thievery Corporation
* "A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke
* "Someday, Someway" - Marshall Crenshaw
* "Desire" - Ryan Adams
* "Take Five" - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
* "Jet Airliner" - Steve Miller Band
* "Bang, Bang" - Dizzy Gillespie
* "Body And Soul" - Billie Holiday
* "No Way Back" - Foo Fighters
* "Miracle" - Foo Fighters
* "Beautiful Day" - U2
* "America The Beautiful" - Keb' Mo'

Andrew said...

Nice job on the list. I recall that John Bon Jovi appeared on one or two episodes this final season, but I don't think I ever heard any Bon Jovi songs during those episodes.

AC @ bloggedy blog

drake leLane said...

Yes JBJ was on the show... I remember him on the campaign bus. Weird that he didn't sing or at least have a song backing the storyline somewhere in the episode.