Monday, May 15, 2006

...and may I say, not in a shy way

Play it: The Sopranos Ep. 6.10

This week is one of those 'further the plot' episodes. Johhny Sack pleads guilty for a reduced sentence and as a result has to admit he led the New York division of La Cosa Nostra, angering his crew (specifically Phil "the hairdo.") Add him to the Sopranos Dead Pool. Speaking of the SDP, Vito (or, as he's known in NH: Vince) has moved in with Johnny Cakes and we're treated with plenty of gay sex scenes. All the homophobic Sopranos viewers let out a collective 'what the fuck,' and I find myself chuckling. I could just feel the message board flaming (no pun intented) with cries of "what is this, the Gaypranos? Where's my violence?" Serves 'em right. Vito (Vince) uses the 'L' word (no, not that 'l' word) and finds himself bailing his Johnny Cakes to head back to NJ.... congrats Vito, you're back at the top of the SDP. We also got to see Joe Gannascoli (Vito) do some cooking, which is means it's more likely Vito's going to be gone soon, as I'm sure some folks felt they needed to show off Gannascoli's chef skills before his goose is cooked.

Musically, Frank Sinatra makes an appearance (funny how little you hear of him on the show,) and I'm reminded that 'ol Blue Eyes has some big holes in his catalogue as far as digital distribution goes. No "My Way"?? Anyway, also missing out is a track from Sylvio himself - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. So what's available? Well we do get the ubiquitous "That's Amore" from Dean Martin, some Toby Keith, and an outro from Chuck Berry. Funny how I find myself lately more interested in the songs that aren't digitally available. I suppose as more and more becomes available, it's the catalogue items that aren't out there that become the anomalies.

The Sopranos music track listing and scenes

Does it have to be a pair of socks? (Ep. 6.09)
The son also rises (Ep. 6.08)
Lauren Bacall takes a fall (Ep. 6.07)
Vito is a come-from-behind kind of guy (Ep. 6.06)
Don't you know who I thought I was? (Ep. 6.04)
The righteous cut [while conscious] (Ep. 6.03)
He Marvin Gayed his own nephew! (Ep. 6.02)
Who shot Artie Shaw? (Ep. 6.01)

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drake leLane said...

The Sopranos - Ep. 6.10

* "Faz Tanto Tempo" - Band Uniao Black
* "I Love This Bar" - Toby Keith
* "That's Amore" - Dean Martin
* "Let It Rock" - Chuck Berry

J Shifty said...

Jeez, I was so bent out of shape that there's no Frank version of Send In The Clowns in Rhapsody I didn't even notice the absence of My Way.

Believe me, I've got a list. And you mention another shared gap I added to the list the day I tried to find Los Desaparecidos from Little Steven.

Luckily there's plenty of other fine sounds to keep me distracted...

drake leLane said...

I was keeping a mental list, but as I cross off and add more, it's becoming more and more 'smudge-y.'

Lately I've been looking every day for The Fiery Furnace's Bitter Tea and more recently Grandaddy's final album Just like the Fambly Cat. They're both on Rhapfriendly labels, so I'm not sure what the hold-up is.