Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wicked hot weekend

Play it: "The Wizard and I" From the Musical Wicked

It was a wonderful to see my nephew get his bar mitzvah, but when he got up and sang this song from Wicked at his party, it was a bit surreal... and truly brave. He's not bashful about his love of musicals (or television game shows and cooking shows.) Professing said love of musicals is akin to having green skin when going through high school - I don't envy the road that lies of ahead of him.

My wife, baby and I all crammed into his bedroom for the weekend, while bar mitzvah boy took the basement. We slept with the smells of a 13-year old boy surrounded by Harry Potter memorabilia. Add to that the fact that was niney-frickin'-seven degrees this weekend - and Eli having six-teeth all coming in at once - it was a tad uncomfortable to say the least, but we survived.

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