Thursday, May 25, 2006

What I'm missing this weekend

Play it: Sasquatch Music Festival 2006

The lineup and schedule is now all finalized for this weekend's Sasquatch Music Festival at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheatre. It's an incredible lineup, spanning three days, but I'm heading to Minneapolis for my nephew's bar mitzvah.

While I'm doing a reading at temple Friday night, TV on the Radio will be holding their own temple on the Mainstage. While my nephew recites from the Torah Saturday, Sufjan Stevens and Stephen Malkmus will be will recite musically from their respective indie idioms on dueling stages. When the challah is broken, Neko Case and Band of Horses will be breaking heartstrings on two different stages. And when "YMCA" by the Village People gets played at the reception, people will be raising their hands to the end of Sam Roberts' set while The Shins are just hitting stride with their's on another stage.

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea here, though. I wouldn't miss my nephew's bar mitzvah for just anything (it only happens once - and will be my first.) I just hope someone reading this goes and comes back with a report for me... come on - this goy needs some vicarious gorge. L'chayim!

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drake leLane said...

01. "The Hand That Feeds" Nine Inch Nails Friday, Mainstage - 10-11:30PM
02. "Double Dare" Bauhaus Friday, Mainstage - 8:30-9:30PM
03. "Perspective From A Slow Spin" HiM Friday, Mainstage - 7:05-8:05PM
04. "Walking The Cow" TV On The Radio Friday, Mainstage - 6:00-6:45PM
05. "World Apart" And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead Friday, Mainstage - 5:00-5:45PM
06. "Woman" Wolfmother Friday, Mainstage - 4:00-4:45PM
07. "Stop, I'm Already Dead" Deadboy & The Elephantman Fritday, Wookie stage - 5:30-6:15PM
08. "Morning Yearning" Ben Harper Saturday, Mainstage - 10:00PM-Midnight
09. "Pompeii AM Gotterdammerung" The Flaming Lips Saturday, Mainstage - 8:30-9:30PM
10. "Kissing The Lipless" The Shins Saturday, Mainstage - 7:00-8:00PM
11. "If New Orleans is Beat" The Tragically Hip Saturday, Mainstage - 5:40-6:40PM
12. "Soulful Shade of Blue" Neko Case Saturday, Mainstage - 4:35-5:20PM
13. "Woman King" Iron and Wine Saturday, Mainstage - 3:30-4:15PM
14. "Jacksonville" Sufjan Stevens Saturday, Mainstage - 2:20-3:10PM
15. "How We Operate" Gomez Saturday, Mainstage - 1:15-2:00PM
16. "10:1" Rogue Wave Saturday, Mainstage - 12:15PM-1:00PM
17. "Bridge To Nowhere" Sam Roberts Saturday, Wookie stage - 6:40-7:40PM
18. "Soon Enough" The Constantines Saturday, Wookie stage - 5:20-6:20PM
19. "Do The Whirlwind" Architecture in Helsinki Saturday, Wookie stage - 1:20-2:20PM
20. "When The Night Feels My Song" Bedouin Sound Clash Saturday, Wookie stage - 12:00-1:00
21. "The Funeral" Band Of Horses Saturday, Wookie stage - 4:00-5:00
22. "Pencil Rot" Stephen Malkmus Saturday, Wookie stage - 2:40-3:40PM
23. "Cold December" Matt Costa Saturday, Wookie stage - 8:00-9:00PM
24. "Push" Common Market Saturday, Yeti stage - 5:25-6:10PM
25. "State Of The Union" David Ford Saturday, Yeti stage - 2:10-2:55PM
26. "Desert Sunrise" Brett Dennen Saturday, Yeti stage - 12:00-12:45PM
27. "Que' Onda Guero" Beck Sunday, Mainstage - 10:30PM-Midnight
28. "Someday You Will Be Loved" Death Cab For Cutie Sunday, Mainstage - 8:45-10:00PM
29. "Everybody Knows That You're Insane" Queens Of The Stone Age Sunday, Mainstage - 7:15-8:15PM
30. "King Without a Crown" Matisyahu Sunday, Mainstage - 5:45-6:45PM
31. "16 Military Wives The Decemberists" Sunday, Mainstage - 4:15-5:15PM
32. "Always Love" Nada Surf Sunday, Mainstage - 1:45-2:30PM
33. "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" Arctic Monkeys Sunday, Mainstage - 2:45-3:45PM
34. "Something Bigger, Something Brighter" Pretty Girls Make Graves Sunday, Mainstage - 12:45-1:30PM
35. "The Inkwell" Blue Scholars Sunday, Mainstage - 11:45AM-12:30PM
36. "Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away" Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Sunday, Wookie stage - 8:00-9:00PM
37. "This Scene Is Dead" We Are Scientists Sunday, Wookie stage - 5:20-6:20PM
38. "Clinically Dead" Chad Vangaalen Sunday, Wookie stage - 1:20-2:20PM
39. "Look and Listen" The Heavenly States Sunday, Wookie stage - 2:40-3:40PM
40. "White Center" Damien Jurado Sunday, Wookie stage - 6:40-7:40PM
41. "Auwv Fehrque 7" Jamie Lidell Sunday, Wookie stage - 12:00-1:00PM
42. "Catch My Disease" Ben Lee Sunday, Wookie stage - 4:00-5:00PM
43. "White Daisy Passing" Rocky Votolato Sunday, Yeti stage - 5:25-6:10PM
44. "Galaxies" Laura Veirs Sunday, Yeti stage - 4:20-5:05PM
45. "Since the End" Mercir Sunday, Yeti stage - 3:15-4:00PM
46. "Let It Go" The Village Green Sunday, Yeti stage - 2:10-2:55PM
47. "Bonnie and Clyde" Big Japan Sunday, Yeti stage - 1:05-1:50PM
48. "All Of The Above" Big City Rock 0 Sunday, Yeti stage - 12:00-12:45PM

MJAPA said...

I blew it off too. We get free tickets at work, but the idea of sitting in the rain for a long weekend is just too much for me. You made the right choice!

rad said...

ah hah too bad for mjapa there really wasn't much rain (I'll just leave out the hail in that statement :/ haha) it was really amazing, I went sat. and sun. so you're jewish? Matisyahu was AMAZING I think he put on the best show just the way he interacted with the audience and brought the entire crowd together as one, it was a...spiritual experience!! The Flaming lips were great too, the lead singer got in a big clear ball and rolled onto the was really cold but they got everyone dancing to get warm again. All the mainstage bands performed well, though I really hate Queens of the Stone age. Decemberists were good, Shins I loved - I pretty much stuck to the main stage so I could keep a good spot for my fav bands. ahh well theres a lot more obviously but if I went on like this it would take forever...too bad you missed, but its understandable why definately.

drake leLane said...

not Jewish... just a goy who married into the tribe.

thanks for the detailed recap, rad!

did anyone make any wookie stage acts?

fin said...

wish i was there...