Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Return of the grevious angel

Play it: Essential Gram Parsons
Play it: Gram Parsons Interviews (from The Complete Reprise Sessions)

Today sees a double-shot of love (courtesy of Rhino) for the godfather of Alt.Country: Gram Parsons.

First off is the DVD release of the documentary Gram Parsons - Fallen Angel, which wow'd crowds in the festival circuit last year. It's a good look at the multi-million dollar heir (born Ingram Cecil Connor, III) who took his leisure time and talent and used it to combine rock and country music before his untimely death at the hands of a drug overdose at age 26. Worth watching not only for the great footage of him with The International Submarine Band, The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers and solo with Emmy Lou Harris, but also interviews with Emmylou Harris, Chris Hillman, Bernie Leadon, Keith Richards, Peter Buck, and Phil Kaufman - who stole Parsons casket and attempted to cremate him at Joshua Tree. Kaufman appears proud of what he did, which contrasts immensley with the hurt that the Parsons family shows in interviews with them.

Second on the docket today is The Complete Reprise Sessions, which over three cd's covers all the recordings and outtakes for his first two solo albums (GP, and the posthumous Grievous Angel.) The jewel here is the interviews with Gram, discussing how he met up with Emmylou Harris and an early impromptu version of "Love Hurts" done at a radio visit. Also his retelling of how he got the folks at the Grand Ole Opry all up in arms ("Did You Sing 'Hickory Wind' At The Grand Ole Opry?") is of particular interest.

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drake leLane said...

Essential: Gram Parsons

* "Blue Eyes" - International Submarine Band
* "Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome?" - International Submarine Band
* "Luxury Liner" - International Submarine Band
* "Hickory Wind" - The Byrds
* "One Hundred Years From Now" - The Byrds
* "Christine's Tune (aka Devil In Disguise)" - Flying Burrito Brothers
* "Sin City" - Flying Burrito Brothers
* "Hot Burrito #1" - Flying Burrito Brothers
* "Hot Burrito #2" - Flying Burrito Brothers
* "Lazy Days" - Flying Burrito Brothers
* "Cody, Cody" - Flying Burrito Brothers
* "A Song For You" - Gram Parsons
* "She" - Gram Parsons
* "Return Of The Grievous Angel" - Gram Parsons
* "Brass Buttons" - Gram Parsons
* "$1000 Wedding" - Gram Parsons
* "Love Hurts" - Gram Parsons
* "In My Hour Of Darkness" - Gram Parsons

drake leLane said...

Gram Parsons Interviews

* "GP Radio Promo (She=:30/Cry One More=:15/Big Mouth Blues=:15)" - Gram Parsons
* "How Did You Meet Emmylou Harris?" - Gram Parsons
* "What Is The Story Behind "A Song For You"" - Gram Parsons
* "What Is The Story Behind "The New Soft Shoe"" - Gram Parsons
* "WBCN Interview With Maxine Satori (3/73)" - Gram Parsons
* "Love Hurts (w/ Emmylou Harris live on WBCN)" - Gram Parsons
* "Did You Sing "Hickory Wind" At The Grand Ole Opry?" - Gram Parsons
* "What Difference Do You See Between Pure Country And Country Rock?" - Gram Parsons