Monday, June 19, 2006

I am an orange god

Play it: Entourage - Ep 3.02
We're gonna dent that headboard. No bullsh*t. I guarantee you... You will not walk right tomorrow.
- Ari (Jeremy Piven) to his wife
Aquaman opens and could topple Spider-man's record for opening weekend ("Take that Tobey!") so Vince and the gang go to the valley (against Drama's wishes - he's anti-Valley) to soak it all in. The heat's causing rolling blackouts, though, so they stop at a fan's party to cool off (they've got a pool) and so Vince can have his Almost Famous moment.

I don't know which troubled me more... that they french-kissed Almost Famous, or that Samm Levine (Freaks and Geeks) is still playing a high school geek (Reggie.) He's 24 already... not even Drama was held back this many times in school. And he still doesn't even warrant a guest star credit (Nora Dunn, as a couple counselor, gets the only credit this ep.) Hopefully it's not the heavy breathing that's holding him back.

Music features some Nashville Pussy, Daddy Yankee and The Shys, who I feel I need to check out now after hearing their track "Call In The Cavalry." Classic rock block shot comes from Rare Earth with the feel good "I Just Want to Celebrate."

I'm already in Ireland in my mind...

Full tracklistings with scene descriptions
Entourage decoder (TMZ)

The top-tall turn-off (Episode 23)
Let's hug it out again, b*tch (Season 2 soundtrack and dvd)
Heartbreak Vince (Episode 22)
Show me the money (Episode 21)
Sympathy for the Ari (Episode 20)
Headed for a Gigli (Episode 19)
That's Hebrew for 'When do you get off?' (Episode 18)
Comic-consies (Episode 17)
Mandy Moore is Aquaman's kryptonite (Episode 16)
Cross-sword traffic (Episode 15)
Crouching Turtle, hidden Drama (Episode 14)
More Bob Saget on drugs (Episode 13)
Bring out the suit (Episode 11 & 12)
My Maserati Does 185 (Episode 10)
Let's Hug It Out, Bitch (Episode 9 - Season 2 Premiere)

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drake leLane said...

Entourage - Ep 3.02

* "Rompe (Album Version (Explicit))" - Daddy Yankee
* "Hell Ain't What It Used To Be" - Nashville Pussy
* "Petrified" - Fort Minor
* "Call In The Cavalry" - The Shys
* "I Just Want To Celebrate" - Rare Earth

MJAPA said...

They copied an AF moment? That sorta blows.

drake leLane said...

I know! An homage is one thing, but this was a bit too much of a good thing.