Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The top-tall turn-off

Play it: Entourage - Ep. 3.01

I've been at a work-related offsite for the past couple days, so forgive the short post.

Entourage returned for it's third season, and while it wasn't a home run, the episode setup a lot of things to come. When Ari suggests that Vince get a proper date for the premiere (since he's already bagged all the girls "west of Sepulveda,") Vince calls on his mom (Mercedes Ruehl) to accompany him. Trouble is she's afraid of flying... E sacrifices any action the boys might have gotten with his solution the get Mama on the plane (they're all going to be Mama's boys for the night.) Ari's got a new office in West Hollywood and is flat broke (is it coke?) Amanda Righetti (The O.C., Reunion) made a 30-second cameo on the show as a diamond retailer, so it's safe to say she'll be back for a bigger role (another Vince conquest.)

Musically, we get off right with Ghostface Killah's "Be Easy," while the boys hand of premiere tickets to hotties on the street walking by (but not Top-Tall ones, which, according to Drama, are women who's torso is too long for their legs.) The show winds up with a feel-good classic rock block - Joe Cocker ("Feelin' Alright") to The Doobie Brothers ("China Grove") to Elton John ("Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting.") Good to have the show back again.

Full tracklistings with scene descriptions
Entourage decoder (TMZ)

Let's hug it out again, b*tch (Season 2 soundtrack and dvd)

Heartbreak Vince (Episode 22)
Show me the money (Episode 21)
Sympathy for the Ari (Episode 20)
Headed for a Gigli (Episode 19)
That's Hebrew for 'When do you get off?' (Episode 18)
Comic-consies (Episode 17)
Mandy Moore is Aquaman's kryptonite (Episode 16)
Cross-sword traffic (Episode 15)
Crouching Turtle, hidden Drama (Episode 14)
More Bob Saget on drugs (Episode 13)
Bring out the suit (Episode 11 & 12)
My Maserati Does 185 (Episode 10)
Let's Hug It Out, Bitch (Episode 9 - Season 2 Premiere)

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drake leLane said...

Entourage - Ep. 3.01

* "Be Easy (Album Version (Explicit))" - Ghostface Killah
* "So Excited" - Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble
* "Where'd You Go" - Fort Minor
* "Devil In Me" - 22-20's
* "Feelin' Alright" - Joe Cocker
* "China Grove" - Doobie Brothers
* "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" - Elton John