Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Show me the money

Play it: Entourage Episode 21

The gang is out shopping as a test to E's generosity - which he passed. While Vince is inside paying for Drama and Turtle's watches, the rest spot Mandy leaving Gucci w/ her ex-fiance (Drama: "That's what happens at Gucci... you buy shoes and they let you f*ck your ex-fiance!") Drama and Turtle get their sleuth on and follow them around town while E distracts Vince.

Ari is surprised when Terrance shows up at a staff meeting and turns him away for being late, which would be appropriate except Terrence hasn't been to a staff meeting in three years. Thus begins the agent pissing match. Meanwhile, Drama and Turtle are tail Mandy and ex to Blockbuster (in the inconspicuous bright yellow H2... proving that nobody pays any attention in Hollywood,) and then to Mandy's house (which you'll notice, is the Beverly Hills 90210 Walsh household,) where they have to duck at the last second as E drives by to drop off Vince.

Back to the pissing match - Terrance calls Ari's assistant Lloyd and tells him he wants Ari up in his office immediately. They go back and forth and finally meet on neutral turf in the conference room on the floor between them. Terrance has decided he's coming back to work full time and Ari, who's run basically run place for the past eight years, cringes noticeably. Ari then pushes to find out where he stands by asking for an extension and finds out when Terrance scribbles secretly on a piece a paper what he should expect to recieve ("NOTHING!") Ari then goes back to his office and goes postal zen (Ari to Lloyd: "Silence is F*CKING GOLDEN!")

Gang confronts Vince about Mandy and he's nonplused. Drama and Turtle take off to go to Blockbuster to figure out which movie they rented to get a better read, only to find out it was the male-tear-jerker classic, Brian's Song (Drama: "He basically could use his tears as lubricant.")

Ari, after meditating, decides to put his emergency plan into action and gives Lloyd a list of 8 agents to say "tsetse fly" to, which is apparently code for, grab your contacts and files, we're starting up our own agency. Vince confronts Mandy and she waffles like a Belgian breakfast hut, making Vince realize his worst fears: he alone is in love.

Meanwhile Ari realizes his worst fear as well when he goes to the secret meeting place and discovers no one there (Lloyd to Ari: "Code red, code red - He Knows!") Ari tells Lloyd to "start boxing up my office everything. If you find a used condom, an executioners mask, and spike paddle don't ask any question just box the mother f*cker - CHOP SUEY!" He pulls back into the agency parking lot, has Ernesto leave the car running, and runs inside to find security guards blocking his door.

Now it gets all-Jerry Maguire with the confrontation with Terrance (ala Jay Mohr) and a vow to start a new agency, calling out a 'who's with me' to have only (instead of girly-girl Rene Zellwegger,) girly-man Lloyd with him and they walk out after Ari vows to destroy the firm. They get down to the garage and Ari finds out his phone no longer works (company phone) and can't get his company car back from Ernesto (Ari: "Can't give it to me? Ernesto. How many fucking pesos did I give you for Christmas? Huh Ernesto? Every Christmas for the past decade. Half of Mexico is eating on my tips that I have given you. Now bring my mother fucking car now. Por Favor." Ernesto: "Sorry Mr. Gold, I can't do it. Oh and Mr Gold, I'm from Guatemala and our currency is the quetzal.") So Lloyd gets his suped-up racing striped Toyota and Ari leaves with him (Ari: "I came to work in an $80,000 Mercedes and now I'm leaving in a prop car from The Fast and the Furious.")

Vince interrupts the gang getting teary-eyed over Brian's Song to tell thank them for telling him about Mandy and that it's over. "Oh, and call Ari and tell him I'm not doing the movie (Aquaman) anymore." Drama and Turtle's tears are all dried up right about now.

Lloyd drives a drunk Ari home where he laments what he's gonna tell his wife. Lloyd then gives him a Gale Sayers-like inspirational speech about what he went through to get to the dismal place he is now, saying "but I see the end game, Ari, and you're it." Ari's inspired ("Lloyd that speech was great... If I was 25 and liked cock we could be something") and as Stevie Wonder sings "For Once In My Life" his mood turns for the better. A few honks of the horn later, he's picking up his angry wife and carrying her back into the house while Lloyd drives off into next week.

Will Ari keep Vince as a client? Will he even want to if Vince backs out of playing Aquaman? Will Lloyd dress like Rene Zellweger's character in Jerry Maguire? I guess we'll find out in next week's season finale.

Full tracklisting with scene descriptions

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drake leLane said...

Entourage - Episode 21

* "Hysteria" - Muse (UK)
* "Back Then" - Mike Jones
* "Monkey Man" - The Rolling Stones
* "Reunited" - Peaches & Herb
* "For Once In My Life" - Stevie Wonder

Amanda said...

Dammit your recaps make me really wish that I had HBO. Oh well, free preview this weekend on cable, guess I may be able to check it out then.