Monday, August 22, 2005

Sympathy for the Ari

Entourage Ep. 20

This weeks episode starts with Vince MIA for his physical... Mandy's missing too. Add to that a spread in US Weekly of the two posing while picking out fruit at a market and you've got some panicked suits. Ari's beside himself (but not so much that he can't yell "Got MILF?" as he jogs by a lactating mother,) and he and Shauna get on E's case, who, annoyed at this point, merely says "I told you, I'm handling it." Funny, no one, including us fair viewers, believe that to be the case.

Vince finally shows up ("it's hard to tear yourself away from a good spoon,") and is instantly given the 3rd degree. The Maserati's been stolen (and found) so they go to impound to pick it up, when E gets another harried Ari call (Ari: "We're going to hell so bring your sunblock.") Babs, Mandy's agent (played by MILFBeverly D'Angelo) wants a meeting between all concerned (6 Mandy suits to Vince's 2 - where's Shauna?) and E walks into what seems like a Vince-lynch party. Ari defers to Babs (Ari: "You've got the biggest cock in the room," Babs: "I don't know, we haven't seen Eric's yet,") and E's instantly having to defend his client's love life. E walks out with a few f-bombs levied at all in the room, Ari catches up to him and tells him that Cameron called and said Vince can be replaced. Babs catches up to E in the elevator and reminds him that he's only got one client (to her 100) and that should concern him more.

Meanwhile, Turtle's driving the Maserati and notices that someone left a demo rap CD in the player, and he thinks it's perfect for the Queens Blvd closing credits. He drops off Vince for some Claw target practice and he and Drama go pay a visit on Walsh in some delapitated low-rent hotel. Walsh, after first saying he's planning on playing a sitar throughout the movie, agrees that the song would be great for closing credits and has $10G's for licensing if it's available for that. Drama takes this info to the name and address on the demo (it's underground rap sensation, Saigon,) and between bouts of Drama's embarrassing attempts at trying to sound like he's from 'the streets' (Drama "I'm down wit rap, I'm OG," Turtle: "The last hip-hop cd you bought was the Kid 'n Play boxset.") Saigon agrees to the 10G's and has a new manager: Turtle.

E meets up w/ Vince at his miserable training session (E: "You killed eleven whales?" Trainer: "Don't forget two dolphins, also friends of Aquaman!") and repeats what Ari told him in confidence about Cameron. Vince is convinced that Ari's lying... which they catch him in after bluffing a call to Cameron in his office. Vince tells Ari that he can't control himself, that he doesn't care anymore about the movie, and then walks out. E catches up and Vince confesses he's pulling Ari's leg. Ari calls later wanting a Vincervention, and E sends him on a wild goose chase to Napa Valley ("it's only a seven-hour drive, Ari, but... you know,") making him believe Vince has blown a gasket and driven off ("Vince? Drive?") The boys then settle for a nice roast thanks to Drama, all set to "Sympathy For The Devil," which we're all kind of feeling (Ari being the devil.)

Full tracklisting with scene descriptions

Headed for a Gigli (Episode 19)
That's Hebrew for 'When do you get off?' (Episode 18)
Comic-consies (Episode 17)
Mandy Moore is Aquaman's kryptonite (Episode 16)
Cross-sword traffic (Episode 15)
Crouching Turtle, hidden Drama (Episode 14)
More Bob Saget on drugs (Episode 13)
Bring out the suit (Episode 11 & 12)
My Maserati Does 185 (Episode 10)
Let's Hug It Out, Bitch (Episode 9 - Season 2 Premiere)

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drake leLane said...

Entourage - Ep. 20

* "Wild 'N' Tha West" - Chico & Coolwadda
* "Let A N*gga Know" - Saigon
* "Jerk It Out" - Caesars
* "Come Again" - Saigon
* "Sympathy For The Devil" - The Rolling Stones