Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fancy a pint?

Play it: "The Guiness Song" Margaret Barry

The best tasting Guinness you'll ever taste is at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland... but it's also the most expensive. The pint comes complimentary with the (self-guided) tour which costs $18+ per person (Eli, of course, was free.) The tour is a hops & barley meet high-tech multimedia production and I imagine it would've been worth it more if the infamous Gravity Bar would've been open (7th Floor) but alas it was closed for a private function last Wednesday (June 28) when we went.

Dublin came across as a very international city, with little of the Irish fare in food and drink then you'd think. Eli took us through tours of children's play areas, and he managed to rustle more then a few feathers on the visit.

The weekend prior we spent in the area of Galway to attend a wedding, which was an interesting mix of traditional Irish Catholic and a few other things. Much fun was had and the musicians all got together and had what they call a 'session' which lasted until, well... I don't know. I left at 5AM and it was still going strong (even w/ no more pints being served.) We then worked our way across central Ireland to Dublin where we spent our last couple days before flying back to London (where we quickly sped out of town to Wales, post to come.)

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J Shifty said...

The world's bandwidth is being asphyxiated by a flood of pictures of someone's children, but that my friend is one for the ages. Bravo. Better than Stonehenge, even!

drake leLane said...

thanks... I must confess that I'm guilty of a lot of that bandwidth by the amount of pics I take of the lil' chap. Of course, if I wasn't constantly photographing him, I wouldn't captured this happy accident ;)

Roni said...

Dear Guinness lovers

I'm looking for the "The Guinness Song" by Margaret Barry, can you help with it?


drake leLane said...

It's available on the compilation Ballads & Booze (download here / buy used cd here)