Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Portuguese please

Play it: Os Mutantes - Setlist 07/26/2006

Os Mutantes played last night at the Moore theatre, in their 4th show ever in the US (and their 5th since reuniting earlier this year.) They started their set with five more obscure songs (that is, not on their greatest hits US release - the David Byrne curated collection, Everything is Possible,) which was a bit backwards to what I think US folks are used to. But it worked, as folks we're still getting into their seats and it proved a good warm-up. Because when they finally played "Canto De Mambo," the audience was ready to hoot and holler, and Sergio Diaz appeased us by giving his favorite Carlos Santana impersonation (the original song comes off as both a tribute and a jab to Santana.) From then it was (should've been) hit after (should've been) hit, building the crowd up to fever pitch by the time Diaz ripped through a lengthy solo during "Ando Meio Desligado (I Feel a Little Spaced Out)." While only Diaz dressed up for the show (as a Musketeer?) the band still exhibited much of the zaniness of their releases, complete with antique bug-spray sounds, non-sequiter yelling, and plenty of dissonance and feedback to make sure even the most straight-ahead of songs took some whiplash-inducing turns.

I found it unfortunate, though, that they felt the need to sing many of their Portuguese-language classics in English. All the songs that they re-recorded in English for the album Tecnicolor they performed here in translation (and I've included in the playlist.) The original versions had a lot more grace to them in their native Portuguese, and it felt awkward (to me anyway) to hear them in English.

Last night it was obvious that it's Sergio Diaz's show now, as he was taking extended guitar solos and conducting throughout. It had to be necessary, though, for Diaz to step in as not only is Rita Lee absent, but his brother Arnoldo Baptista spent the 90's recovering from the effects of too much LSD and seems barely together - a few acid hits beyond Brian Wilson as far as stage presence goes.

All in all, it was a fun show and one I'll tell my son about later when he's older. Hopefully I won't get the blank 'so what' stare that I got from several co-workers yesterday when I told them what I was so excited about.... but I probably will.

Flickr blogger Luiza got some great shots (including the Diaz photo above) from Monday's show at the Fillmore in SF.

Everything is Possible
What Kurt Cobain couldn't do (Os Mutantes reunite, Tecnicolor album review)

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drake leLane said...

Os Mutantes setlist (07/26/2006)

1. "Don Quixote" - Os Mutantes (rerelease 8/1)
2. "Caminhante Noturno" - Os Mutantes (rerelease 8/1)
3. "Ave Gengis Khan" - Os Mutantes (rerelease 8/1)
4. "Tecnicolor" - Os Mutantes
5."VirgĂ­nia" - Os Mutantes
6. "Canto De Mambo" - Os Mutantes
7. "El Justiceiro" - Os Mutantes
8. "Baby" - Os Mutantes
9. "I'm Sorry Babe (Desculpe Babe)" - Os Mutantes
10. "Dia 36" - Os Mutantes
11. "Fuga No. 11" - Os Mutantes
12. "Top Top" - Cassia Eller (substitute)
13. "Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour" - Os Mutantes
14. "Dois Mil E Um" - Os Mutantes (rerelease 8/1)
15. "Ave, Lucifer" - Os Mutantes
16. "I Feel A Little Spaced Out (Ando Meio Desligado)" - Os Mutantes
17. "Cabeludo Patriota" (couldn't find)
18. "She's My Shoo Shoo (A Minha Menina)" - Os Mutantes
19. "Bat Macumba" - Os Mutantes
20. "Panis Et Circenses" - Os Mutantes