Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My super ex-basketball team

Play it: Selling the Sonics

The price of my childhood? $350 Mil.

Yesterday it was announced that the Seattle Supersonics (and WNBA companions, the Seattle Storm) were sold to a set of Oklahoma buyers led by Clay Bennett. This coming on the heals of several attempts by the Sonic ownership (led by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz) to strong-arm the city of Seattle into building or renovating a new facility to play in - basically what would amount to a $200 million bail-out for the team.

Schultz says he turned down higher offers to better the chances of the Sonics staying in town, but selling it to a group led by someone who's promised to bring a team to Oklahoma City in the next five years, means he's really just playing lip service. Ultimately Schultz is just putting himself in a place to say he's not (directly) responsible for the Sonics leaving Seattle.

"Certainly, ultimately we hope for basketball in Oklahoma City, but it's unrelated to this transaction," said Bennett yesterday, with metaphorical fingers crossed behind his back.

Here's some (little, or no) comfort to yesterday's announcement and this morning's fallout, in the way of a playlist.

Selling the Supersonics
* "Supersonic" - Oasis
* "Sold Out" - Sleater-Kinney
* "Oklahoma U.S.A." - The Kinks
* "Sonic Reaction" - Upsets
* "Busting Up A Starbucks" - Mike Doughty

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