Friday, July 28, 2006

Punk and circumstance

Play it: Capitol Hill Block Party 2006
Play it: Ballard Seafoodfest 2006

The last weekend of July has always been a busy one for Seattlites. This weekend sees two neighborhoods square off with dueling festivals that encompass much of the character of the neighborhood where they occur. The Capitol Hill Block Party starts things off later today, and it's sprawling lineup continues to grow from it's roots as a smaller gathering of bands (surrounding the Seattle Night Out - a crime prevention program - coming this year on August 1st.)

This year's line-up is a who's who of local punk/hip-hop/alternative acts along with some more great national artists thrown in for good measure. The headline this year is the reuniting of Seattle legends The Murder City Devils, who's reign of terror lasted from 1997-2001. As if that's not enough, the lineup also includes Magnolia Electric Co., Six Organs of Admittance, Band Of Horses, Smoosh, Thee Emergency and Pretty Girls Make Graves (which features ex-MCD's Derek Fudesco.) The festival's been pumped, highlighted and talked about to death in this fair city, and it's pretty reflective of Capitol Hill. The lineup on both days are one's well worth the price of admission... so why am I hesitant to go?

Clear across town (where your humble Drake resides) is the Ballard Seafoodfest, which has been around (with it's Lutefisk eating contest) a lot longer - this being the 32nd year. It's a decidedly more laid-back affair, without as much hooplah and a more country/twang slant to the music performers (and local faves like the Squirrels.) Once again, very reflective of the neighborhood. But music really isn't the main attraction (the festival is free, so no admission for the bigger draw performers,) it's more about food and family... oh, and getting drunk. As the Seattle Weekly so aptly puts it:
Last year's Ballard SeafoodFest was advertised thusly: "SeafoodFest is about families and friends, clowns and puppets, and generally acting like kids, no matter what your age." But for many, SeafoodFest is about getting blind drunk in the hot sun with impunity, making it the single most enjoyable urban carnival in the free world.
Anyway, since I'm first and foremost a dad now, that happy circumstance trumps the punk... and as much as I loves me some punk, you can't beat being a (drunk) happy daddy.

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drake leLane said...

Capitol Hill Block Party 2006

* "Don't Look Away" - The Helio Sequence
* "Anathema" - Himsa
* "The Funeral" - Band Of Horses
* "The Nocturnal House" - Pretty Girls Make Graves
* "Girl In The Rubber Room" - Immaculate Hearts
* "Fireball" - Tennis Pro
* "Let It Go" - The Village Green
* "Girl You Should've Known" - Thee Emergency
* "Don't Take it Personal Dave" - Cops, The
* "Sexy Beast" - Abyssinian Creole
* "El Gistro" - Panther
* "Be Yourself" - Panther
* "Clogged Castle" - Boat
* "Ball Or Fall" - The Pharmacy
* "Last To Know" - Visqueen
* "Panic In The Year Zero (Album Version)" - Schoolyard Heroes
* "Find A Way" - Smoosh
* "Well Thought Out Twinkles" - Silversun Pickups
* "Fine + Two Pts." - Minus The Bear
* "Young Men Dead" - The Black Angels
* "Push" - Common Market
* "Press Gang" - The Murder City Devils
* "Redcoats" - The Divorce
* "Hollow Light, Severed Sun" - Six Organs Of Admittance
* "Bowery" - Magnolia Electric Co.
* "48 Hours" - Ladyhawk
* "Crackhead Larry (feat. Superfriend)" - Grayskul
* "Zelda" - The Lonely H
* "Sucker Punch" - The Pale Pacific

drake leLane said...

Ballard Seafoodfest 2006

* "Hooves of the Horses" - Wylie & The Wild West
* "Can I Ever Get Away With Anything" - The Plaintiffs
* "Blue Eyes Shinin'" - Left Hand Smoke
* "Dogs (They Can't Hide Again)" - Wad
* "Drop Down Daddy" - Alice Stuart