Monday, July 31, 2006

Willy Wonka Queens

Play it: Entourage - Ep 308 (31)

After last week's uneventful snoozefest, we're back in the action. Rumors abound that Ari's setting up his own shop and Barbara Miller (Beverly D'Angelo) calls Ari to meet for lunch to 'help him' with the situation. It turns out to be a ambush led by nemesis Terrance (Malcolm McDowell) featuring heads of CAA, William Morris, ICM and APA ("who invited APA?") and after Ari admits he's coming after Terrance, his old boss informs him his funding will be tied up in litigation for as long as he can afford it. Barbara (Babs from here on out) offers to partner up, and after some negotiation, Miller Gold is born (Ari - "sounds like a f*ckin' beer!")

Meanwhile, Queens Boulevard is heading to the theaters, and instead of a handful of screens, it's now slated for wide release. Problem is, they had to colorize it because tests show that Black & White films are depressing. Director Billy Walsh is trying to get an injunction, and after Vince and E see it (where we catch a glimpse of Ethan Slurpee from My Name is Earl, and a saturated colorized Vince, E - "it's like Willy Wonka Queens") the boys are with Walsh. Vince hijacks a press conference with the Hollywood Foreign Press to announce that execs have ripped the soul out of the movie in the interest of money (cue Walsh scremaing "F*ck Commerce!")

Ending credits this week featured Queens of the Stone Age ("In My Head") and earlier the show also featured "Woman" from Wolfmother, so the new metal was well represented. Also, while last week's ep referenced The Doors ("Strange Days,") it featured no music from them, so this week we get "I Looked at You," from their debut (The Doors,) which was finally added last week to Rhapsody, via a Rhino re-release of the classic album.

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Entourage - Ep 308

* "My House" - Lloyd Banks
* "Woman" - Wolfmother
* "I Looked At You" - The Doors
* "In My Head" - Queens Of The Stone Age