Monday, July 17, 2006

A bird in the hand...

Play it: Entourage - Ep. 306
Download: Blondie vs. The Doors "Rapture Riders"
Download: The Koreans "Keep Me In Your Mind"

This week's Entourage turned up the heat a notch, taking a cue from Nip/Tuck with a threesome and our sweet lil' E. His girlfriend Sloan (played by the delicious Emmanueal Chriqui) should be enough, but throw in her friend Tori (played by HBO fave Malin Akerman) and E might be in over his head (literally over his head - he's 5'5", at most.) To set the mood, HBO chose Cherish's "Do It To It" (featuring Sean Paul,) which is interesting only in that the lyrics to the song reference "that whisper song" (by Ying Yang Twins) which was played... wait for it.... during the four-way scene in Nip/Tuck.

Meanwhile, Vince is involved in his own three-way - that being himself and two movie projects. Vince's hardball play with the studio heads for Aquaman 2 has Ari running circles. To send him off the deep end, Vince tells Ari he won't agree to do Aquaman 2 unless Ari finds a job for Drama, which has Ari scrambling his minions to find him a role ("I don't care if he's getting gang raped by a gaggle of silver backed apes.") When Lloyd comes through with an audition for an Ed Burns pilot (about... you guessed it, Irish brothers - Fighting Fitzgeralds anyone?) and Ari informs him that the part of Pablo Escobar has been offered to Benecio Del Toro, Vince reluctantly agrees to get back in the fish suit, but refuses to meet the studio head for breakfast. The insult is felt and the sequel might as well be called Brokeback Aquaman, as Jake Gyllenhaal's got the role (which mirrors his near step-in for Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2.)

Other songs featured in the mix this week included the Blondie vs. The Doors mash-up "Rapture Riders" from Go Home Productions (Mark Vidler,) which made it into an Alias episode earlier this year already and is quite possibly the first legit mashup, as Blondie has given it the ok and is releasing it as a bonus track on their next greatest hits release. The ending credits featured the song "Keep Me In Your Mind" (Download) by the relatively unknown (and now defunct?) band The Koreans. Quite a coup for a dead act... the song's drawn a bit of interest on the net since the episode ran. It will be interesting to see if it resurrects the band (or, at least, the album.)

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Entourage - Ep. 306

* "Rapture Riders" - Blondie vs. The Doors - Mark Vidler mash-up (download)
* "Dirty Harry" - Gorillaz
* "Mas Que Nada" - Sergio Mendes
* "Do It To It" - Cherish
* "Keep Me In Your Mind" - The Koreans (download)