Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Money is the revenge of the ugly on the beautiful

Play it: "The Ugly and the Beautiful" - The Real Tuesday Weld (season 4 promo)
Play it: "Strict Machine" - Goldfrapp (season 4 promo)

The 4th season of Nip/Tuck premieres in just a few hours, and if you've been watching the FX channel at all lately, you've probably been inundated with promos featuring these two songs.

The Real Tuesday Weld's "The Ugly and the Beautiful" is a most appropos song for the series, while Goldfrapp's songs have appeared a couple previous episodes. These choices bode well for the upcoming season, me thinks.

Also in the 'bode well for the upcoming season' category is the announced cameos from tv legends Larry Hagman (Dallas, I Dream of Jeannie) and Richard Chamberlain (Shogun,) along Brooke Shields, Peter Dinklage and Rosie O'Donnell. Is there a lipo in Rosie's future?

Carving out a niche (Season 3 soundtrack playlist and dvd)

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MJAPA said...

The only thing I didn't like about last night was how it ended with Brooke's character. I thought they pretty much took all of the steam out of her by going that route. I know what they were trying to do, but still, I was sort of let down. I am really digging the rest of the story lines though. Kind of glad we didn't see any Matt in this one, his whole teen rebellion thing was getting as old as the blonde chick on 24. :-)

drake leLane said...

I missed the last five minutes as it ran into the beginning of 'House.'

FX runs it 5 minutes into the hour on the initial showing so they can run more advertisements (and f*ck up any chance of watching anything else, the miserable bastards.)

I won't be able to catch the ending until Friday night, it looks like :(

I'm in your camp on the Matt thing... so not missing him.