Thursday, September 21, 2006

Turn on Headlights for safety

Last Thursday night I decided to check out my neighbor's band (Friday Mile,) based on the fact he's a good guy, and the fact they were playing with Headlights and Decibully.

Both Headlights (Champagne, IL) and Decibully (Milwaukee, WI) shared bandmates through their sets, highlighted by the multi-instrumental work of Nicholas Sanborn (solo as Made of Oak.) But the real enchantment of the evening was the voice of singer Erin Fein, which effortlessly moved from sexy cute (Velocity Girl's Sarah Shannon) to spine-tingling (Bjork.) I'm sure it's that mix that endeared them to Grey's Anatomy music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, who featured them on an episode last season. Just listen to "Put Us Back Together Right" and you know their bound for more TV glory.

Album: Headlights The Enemies
Download: "Put Us Back Together Right"
Download: "TV"
Download: "Hi Ya"
From the latest album Kill Them With Kindness (not in Rhapsody yet, for some reason)

After the show was over, all the bands went back to my neighbor Chad's house and sat around a backyard campfire making s'mores. I wish I could've stayed longer, but I had to hop the fence home for some zzzzs. The Headlights/Decibully tour drove off to Missoula the next day, the first of their shows dotting the horizon on their journey back to that Illinois/Wisconsin land they call home.

Album: Decibully Sing Out America
Album: Friday Mile Using Up Our Trust (New songs up on MySpace)

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