Sunday, October 29, 2006

28 days later

The 12th annual Bigelows Mustache competition culminated Saturday night with alcohol, ridiculous (and mostly homoerotic) costumes, and a lot of facial hair. Yours truly grew in his four week mustache and participated as Rod Rammer, a 1974 Porn Star (Guess Who's Coming Before Dinner.)

Song: "Power Mustache" - The Vandals

I didn't even make it to the second round this year, as folks really stepped it up. Oh well, there's always next year. I might have to revive Rod again for it, as I think I could've colored in his past and character quite a bit better.

But for now I've shaved off that scratchy monstrosity and am to Mexico now... hasta luego!

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Robert 0f The Radish said...

Drake, that is frightening yet somehow alluring at the same time.