Friday, October 27, 2006

Some quick hits before I'm away

Drake fave Tom Waits has a new box set of odds and ends coming soon (Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, 11/21) but for some reason that has nothing to do with these four new exclusive tracks getting love from AOL's newly renamed site (dropped the 'indie music blog' tag - good move.)

All of the tracks (three streaming, one a download) are from August performances this year, and are fairly representative of Waits' amazing live shows. Gobble 'em up turky lurkey.

Nellie McKay's Pretty Little Head finally sees it's release after getting the Extraordinary Yankee Hotel Machine Fox Trot treatment from Sony. She ends up releasing it via Spin/Art with a lot less momentum and push behind it. But she does get what Sony wouldn't give her - all 23-songs on 2xCD. It's a smorgasborg of cabaret pop and lounge-meets-hip-hop in a sunny alley that's a lot to digest, but it's in Rhapsody a week early, so you have your chance now to get a (pretty little) head start.

Album: Nellie McKay - Pretty Little Head

And finally, in the 'I've got a child and I'm going to acknowledge it' department, I'd like to throw some love out to D.C.'s Pancake Mountain program, which has had some of the finest acts in all of indie rock grace it's stage. The children's show is low-budget, but big-hearted, and a recent appearance by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins has me smiling all big and toothy:

Hey, I'm off to Mexico soon, but I've been slaving away setting up posts that will for sure appear on next week, and hopefully here too (if I get some internet time while in Zihuatanejo.)

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